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The RSYC has 2 Cruising Yachts for Charter, based out of the Hornet Services Sailing Club in Gosport.
Changes for 2017

 Fellow yachtsmen,  

Welcome to the 2017 sailing season – and may it be a productive and enjoyable one for you all. Many of you will be aware that the RSYC has been in discussion with the Corps Council over the last year regarding the structure, operation and pricing of the club. 2017 will see a few changes the two most noticeable of which will be the reduction of the number of boats from 3 to 2 and some changes to the charter pricing structure.

The reduction in the number of hulls will allow the bosun(s) to concentrate on adding real value to the club in terms of the racing programme, the AT expeditions and the sail training weeks as opposed to being fixed in operating a pseudo charter business. I believe that this is a very positive step and is supported by usage data from the last 2 seasons which show that very few people will be affected with a period of charter unavailability as a result. We will look to sell Quicksilver in the Spring and, once she is sold, we will look to buy a more modern replacement boat in the 33-35ft range. Once secured, will sell Skywave as the final part of the restructure leaving us with a 2 boat fleet, Petasus and the new hull. Petasus and Skywave will remain open for charter bookings for the time being. The charter pricing changes are undertaken with a few principles in mind:

  • We must reward those that have paid in to the Corps Benevolent fund over time – the club is a significant beneficiary from the fund and it is right that those who have contributed benefit more than those who have not.
  • In the spirit of the 3Rs (Regular, Reserve and Retired) we want to recognize those who have previously served (and contributed to the Corps fund) as much as those who are currently serving.
  • We want to encourage all ranks who have a sailing qualification to use the boats – and this should be as easily achieved for a young solider with his family as for a Warrant Officer with a group of sailing friends.
  • We need a system that is simple to understand and fair to all.

  The rest of this note explains these changes in more detail:  There will now only be 2 membership categories:

Full – applied to all Regular / Reserve / Retired R SIGNALS or QG SIGNALS personnel who contributed to the Corps Benevolent Fund during their service. For this group, membership is automatic and there is no charge.

Temporary – anyone else charged at £5 per person per charter.  

There will now only be 2 rates:

Corps Rate – applied to any charter with at least one full member on board.

Guest Rate – applied to any charter not meeting the criteria above and only allowed at the discretion of the RC(O) where there would otherwise be no charter.  Priced at 150% of Corps rate plus individual temporary membership charges.  

The new pricing is as follows (per day):  

 Skywave Petasus 
   Low Season  (Nov – Mar incl.) High Season (Apr – Oct incl.)  Low Season (Nov – Mar incl.) High Season (Apr – Oct incl.) 
Corps Rate  50 100 60 120
Guest Rate  75 150 90 180

Do keep your eyes on the Facebook site for details of upcoming events and have a look too at the new website from which you can book charters and see what else is going on. We welcome your feedback – much debate has gone on to get to this stage but if you think we’ve got it wrong (or right), do tell us!  I hope to see many of you out on the water this season – whatever you do, enjoy it.  

Best wishes,  

Adam Corkery Rear Commodore (Offshore) Jan 17


  • Skywave,  is a cruising/racing yacht has participated in a range of local and international events
  • Comfortably sleeps six. Has two cabins
  • Fitted with a furling headsail
  • Day Skippers, accompanied by a Competent Crew member, can charter


  • Petasus is the largest of our fleet and requires a little more experience to handle
  • Comfortably sleeps eight and has three cabins
  • Fitted with furling headsail and has an in-line reefing system for the Main Sail
  • A Coastal Skipper Qualification is required to skipper Petasus

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