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Adrenaline charged, action

In at the deep end?

From GB selection and full Ironman to racing for racing sake we’ve got it covered.

As a club we are committed to highlighting talent as well as supporting and reinforcing current successes. From simply racing on a Sunday morning, through to qualifying to race for Great Britain at an Age Group event or qualifying for Kona (Hawaii) from a Full Ironman, we’re here to develop Roya;  Signals triathletes and offer maximum support and encouragement.

We strive to get anyone out there who wants to move towards their goals

Very much a sport for all, triathlon age group racing ranges from 16 to 80 and, as an inclusive club we work hard to help people achieve their targets, whatever they may be.

In 2017 three of The Corps’ Triathletes helped the Army to victory in the Tri-Service Championships.





Exponential growth

Triathlon as a Corps sport powered ahead in 2016 and has continued in 2017 with three Corps Triathletes helping the Army to victory in the Tri Service Championships. The Triathlon is attractive precisely because its gruelling, demanding and challenging. Whether competing at home or in exotic locations overseas and come rain or shine, you’ll feel drained and exhilarated in equal measures,

Why Tri?

It’s great for developing self-belief and determination and of course improving fitness in a way that few other sports can.

Having to fuse three disciplines into one is not for the feint hearted but for those who are prepared to get on their bike, swim not sink and run for their life, the triathlon challenge awaits. Why not get in touch now.

Team work

Triathlon Team work

We try to get an accurate picture of how people are doing by charting their progress.

As a Corps we always aim to bring teams together for each of the Army Triathlon Associations (ATA) Race series events. Starting with Pool based sprints early season, moving through to 3/4 and Standard distances mid season and ending with a Triathlon Relay event, the racing season offers something for everyone.

Corps Teams are generated using results from our own Corps Championships (held annually at 21 Signal Regiment in Colerne) as well as from other events. To some extent we rely on athletes letting us know what they are up to, where and how they got on, but this regular contact adds to our sense of community and ensures we are able to offer encouragement and share in successes whenever, wherever.

Free to join

It doesn’t cost anything to join the club,  the nature of Triathlon racing means people generally enter individually online through the civilian race organiser that has been charged with running the event. Individuals usually pay there own entry fees but, if those selected for the Corps team turn up at a race the committee may refund their entry fee.


We run an annual training camp, generally proceeding the Corps Championships Race, this is free to those attending and have aspirations to run additional camps in the future.

Tri and Beyond

Aside of triathlons, the Corps triathlon community regularly compete in long distance marathon swims; stand alone marathons; ultra events etc.

Royal Corps of Signals Triathlon Committee

Chair Lt Col J Barber (CO 3DSR)
Corps Secretary Maj D Phillips (AHQ)
Team Manager (Female Capt)WO2 (RQMS) Margrie
Assistant Team Manager  (Male Team Capt)WO2 (SSM) Jennings

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