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Past RSI Workshop: The Corps and Industry – An Industry Perspective

Past RSI Workshop: The Corps and Industry – An Industry Perspective

This event was held by the RSI who are currently examining the Reserves adding cognitive diversity to the Corps and how this might be done. It is expected that there are likely to be radical recommendations as we focus more on the need of Reserves to provide necessary skills, competencies and currency that is relevant to the Corps’ changing role.

There are three components to this study:

  • What does the Corps require?
  • What is the impact on the selection, training and development of the reserves?
  • How do we create a more productive relationship with Industry?

The ‘order of march’ commenced with an Industry perspective workshop. Without a strong and mutually beneficial relationship with Industry, the ability of the Corps to go beyond ‘individual’ recruitment will be severely hampered. The Corps is conscious that the timing and selection of individuals for mobilisation must be more dialogue based and flexible.

Briefings on the day

  • The outcome of the refinement of the last Defence Review – Army 2020 (Refined) from ACDS (Reserves and Cadets) delivered by Major General John Crackett  CB TD VR. This was followed by Brigadier Greg Wilson, Head of Army Information Capability and Strategy, who addressed the detail of the implications for the Royal Signals.
  • Changes facing the Corps’ reserves – Brigadier Hugh Robertson and team.
  • An industry view –  presented by Mr Richard Norman, Head of Business at BAE. Mr Norman explored the current state of the relationship between Defence and Industry and how it could be improved for mutual benefit. This challenged existing thinking with potentially radical ideas to enable the Corps/MOD/Industry partnership to work better.

Slides from this Workshop

For the slides shown at this event please follow these links:

Past Event: Tactical Comms in the 21st Century

This consisted of a series of briefings and studies by Army Headquarters, Information Infrastructure Branch, surrounding the challenges of introducing into service a new family of equipment and capabilities using an ‘open standards’ approach to procurement.

Past Event: Worshipful Company of Information Technologists (WCIT) Employment Panel

The Headquarters Royal Signals has had a long and close relationship with The Worshipful Company of Information Technologists (WCIT), which has seen the two organisations working closer together in a number of areas.

An example of this partnership is the annual WCIT Employment Panel which offers members of the Royal Signals the opportunity to make free use of a number of services, providing help for those looking to enhance the profile of their current career and to prepare for transition into a new career.

The WCIT Employment Panel visited Blandford on Wednesday 7 June 17 to deliver an ‘employment panel workshop’ to R SIGNALS personnel. It featured experts from the civilian digital industry. The program for the workshop included guidance on CV writing, building your achievements bank, interview techniques and networking.

Future WCIT events are publicised widely on unit Part One Orders and include application forms.

Further information on the WCIT can be found at:

Further queries can be submitted to

Past Event: Royal Signals Apprentice of the Year 2017

This annual Apprentice of The Year awards ceremony is an annual celebration of the achievements of our best young tradesmen and women.  Unit supporters and families are welcomed and a light lunch is provided afterwards

The annual ceremony is Open to all RSI members – bid to