Advanced telecommunications and fibre optics

The Corps provides communications across the Army. There are lots of opportunities for you to use and develop your technical skills and knowledge and to gain qualifications. You will work with the most advanced telecommunications systems and fibre optics. Work will include helping to install, repair and maintain equipment that we use to provide the vital communications infrastructure.

Soldier first

Importantly as a Royal Signals soldier you will be part of a team that helps to deliver front line communications to wherever the British Army is operating, be that in the UK, Cyprus, Canada, the Falklands or elsewhere in the world. You will have the opportunity to learn your trade and enhance your skills working in different environments and on a multitude of projects.

You will belong to one of six trades. All our trades have a technical element but some are more technical and hands on than others.

Technicians can be either:

  • Installation Technician – think laying fibre optic cables and line to the front line. It’s a great job with lots of employability beyond the Army but it’s not for the feint-hearted. You’ll need to have a good head for heights and be at home working in confined spaces.
  • Communications Systems Engineer (CS Eng)  – maintaining and repairing electronic systems, managing computer networks and terminals and digital and satellite systems.

We have six great trades to choose from. If you’re not sure which one is right for you, we can advise you on which route to take.

Royal Signals Officer

If you have A levels and/or a degree and the right aptitude why not think about being a Commissioned Officer in The Royal Signals?

You’ll spend a year at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst before embarking on your Troop Commanders’ course in Blandford. Not all of our Officers are technical but many are. Importantly they are all great leaders and soldiers and will be just as at home with staff work as they are commanding soldiers.

Soldier First

Royal Signals - Leaders in a Digital Age

Soldier first

Being a soldier is the key responsibility of anyone serving in the Army.

All who join will go through Phase One Training; this provides trainees with the essential skills they need to be a professional soldier. You'll get to understand just how important team work is and, among other things, you'll learn essential field skills such as living out of a Bergen (rucksack), cooking rations and safely operating a weapon. This initial training will give you the discipline and confidence to succeed as a soldier, in your trade training and beyond. 

Currently there are six trade options available to those who join the the Royal Corps of Signals. As we move further into the digital age, where communication and communications remain at the forefront of all we do, the way we work and the training we undertake is constantly evolving to keep pace with the demands of modern technology and warfare.