Swimming & Water Polo

Time to take The Plunge


Stamina – Drive – Determination

There’s never been a better time to make a splash


Olympians are not the only champs!

Team GB may have taken six well-deserved medals in Rio but Royal Signals are serving up a splash too; our brag board includes:

  • Corps Sports Team of the Year
  • Top Male Swimming Team in the Army


Make Water Polo your goal

Centre forward, centre back, driver or wing – there’s never been a better time to make Water Polo your thing

It can be fast and furious, requiring skill, strategy and stamina but Water Polo is not just a great game, it’s an excellent way of keeping fit and making friends too. It’s a sport that Team GB dominated in the early part of the twentieth century bringing home 4 gold medals in 5 Olympics. Sadly after 1920 the gold rush ended and Team GB have seldom made the cut since, though they did make an appearance in the 2012 Olympics – by virtue of being the host country.

Teams of seven compete in this contact sport. Originally believed to have been a water version of rugby the modern game takes some key bits from football, basketball, hockey and arguably volleyball and chess too! There’s a net and goalie of course but this is a game that requires nifty hand not foot work. Each goal scored is worth one point and the aim is to score as many goals as possible.

Interested?  Don’t be shy; if you’re keen to get involved, dive right in and contact us now via the form below.

Swimming & Water Polo

Beyond racing

In the swim?

So many types of Swimming and not all in an indoor pool

Annual events from Novice to Elite include Open Water Swimming and Indoor Individual and Relay Events. In addition there are regular Waterpolo matches and leagues throughout the year.

Swimming offers a chance to compete as an individual, individually within a team and as part of a team, with ample opportunity to hone your skills and techniques in the various categories.


Making swimming and Water Polo accessible for all abilities across the Corps.

We offer a training camp in November for budding swimmers and Water Polo players, regardless of your level. The training camp is designed to cater for the slow and fast, and is carefully crafted to enable you to improve your skills and techniques as well as learn new ones.

Some people find the idea of swimming – especially at competition level – a bit daunting, but the only way to get better is to get in the pool.


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