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Royal Signals squash

Royal Signals Champion 2017 – Maj Dhir Pun  pictured with Squash Chairman Lt Col Mike Fayers.

Climbing the ladder

Whether you boast, drive or drop we’ll serve a warm welcome

We encourage young players to join local civilian  clubs, run unit squash ladders and enter the Royal Signals Squash Championship with a view of enhancing the Corps team from both our regular and reserves cohort. In addition the Corps organises a squash camp for developmental players and enhancing fledgling talent.

Get involved

In addition to Unit/Stations Squash Ladders, there are a number of options open to players including Royal Signals Inter-Unit Competitions and the opportunity to gain skills and/or coaching qualifications. Do get in touch using the form below. Additional information is found at www.armysquash.org

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Recent competitions

The Royal Signals Open Squash Championship 2016 was held at Aldershot Garrison Sports Centre on 9-10 November 2016. Twenty-seven Squash players competed from 2 Sig Regt, 10 Sig Regt, 11 Sig Regt, 14 Sig Regt (EW), 18 (UKSF), 30 Sig Regt, 32 Sig Regt, 15 Sig Regt, ISS and Army HQ.

The following week the Royal Signals Squash Team entered two teams (a total of 11 players) into the The Inter Corps Competition which was held at Aldershot Garrison Sports Centre during November 2016. Following valiant performances both teams secured sufficient points to remain in their respective divisions.

Camps and Champs

More than 40 Squash players  from numerous units including 2 Sig Regt, 10 Sig Regt, 11 Sig Regt, 14 Sig Regt, 18 Sig Regt, 21 Sig Regt, 30 Sig Regt, 32 Sig Regt, 37 Sig Regt, 15 Sig Regt, ISS and Army HQ enter the Corps Championships held annually in November.

Investment in players at unit level has paid dividends; producing some excellent young quality players.

Royal Signals squash

Double Boast

The Inter Corps Competition was held at Aldershot over the period 17/19 Nov 15. The Royal Signals Squash Team entered two teams (a total of 14 players) into the Inter Corps Competition, in Divisions one and three Team A was tied in second place but after count back they finished third in Division One. Team B came second in their division earning promotion to Division Two. An update from the 2016 Championships is expected shortly.

Army Selection

Not only is The Royal Signals Team hugely respected by the Army squash fraternity but this year five corps players were selected to represent the Army on tours as far away as Cyprus, Nepal and Australia.

Future events

Royal Signals Corps Squash 2018


Event Date Venue
R SIGNALS Inter-Unit Competition 30/31 Oct 18 Stafford ( Venue: TBC)
Date of Inter-Corps Competition 13/15 Nov 18 Aldershot Garrison Gym
Army Individuals Squash Championship 16/18 Jan 18 Winchester Rackets and Fitness  Club, more information www.armysquash.org 
Army Major/Minor Inter Unit Tournament 13/15 Mar 18 Aldershot Garrison Gym
Planned for Corps Squash Camp 23/24 May 18 Blandford Camp (Venue: TBC)

 Get involved

Royal Signals Corps Squash 2018

Chairman: Lt Col M Fayers – Commanding Officer 30th Signal Regiment

Secretary: Maj Dhir Pun – Second in Command Support Squadron 22nd Signal Regiment


  • R SIGNALS Inter-Unit Competition. Out in Sep 18
  • Gain Squash Skills or coaching qualifications.
  • More info: www.armysquash.org

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