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Of the Army's best shots are Royal Signals

Operational Shooting

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Every year Force Troops Command Operational Shooting Competition (FTC OSC), regarded as the largest shooting competition of its kind in the world with more than 1000 competitors from various cap badges, takes place. This is a qualifying competition for the Army 100 and The Corps consistently has the top team across all eight cap badges who enter Regimental sides; put simply The Royal Corps of Signals dominates Operational Shooting in the Army.

Outstanding individuals

Over the last two years approximately one third of the the top firers in the Army have been Royal Signals soldiers. In 2015 Sgt Khagendra a Royal Signals soldier won the competition. As a result he received the much coveted Queens Medal which he is allowed to wear with his other medals. This precision performance was closely matched in both 2014 and 2016 when he was runner-up – a fantastic achievement. 

Force Troops Command Operational Shooting Competition

(FTC OSC) 2017, Pirbright Ranges – May 2017

Regarded as the largest shooting competition in Europe, 700+ regular firers and 250+ reserve firers made up of circa 50 teams from 8 different cap badges (R SIGNALS, AGC, RLC, AMS, RA, RE, INT, REME) took part in a keenly contested competition to identify Corps and unit Champion firers.

Of the 50 teams, 17 qualify for the Defence Operational Shooting Competition (DefOSC) held in June. The Corps gained the top three FTC team qualifying spaces, with 30, 2 and 22 Signal Regiments placed respectively as 1, 2, 3 and 3DSR (6th), 11SR (7th), 1SR (8th) & 21SR (14th). A total of seven out of the ten Royal Signals teams entered,  qualified for the June competition – an outstanding achievement.  

The DefOSC qualifiers firers have the opportunity to gain the coveted Army 100 badge and to win the Queen’s Medal for the top firer in the army. 


Sgt Khagendra (2 Sig Regt) checking his score after winning the Army Operational Shooting Competition and winning the Queen’s Medal in 2015.

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