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Tues 8th May 16:00
Blandford Camp Cinema

Major Sandy Hennis will speak on ICE MAIDEN – a 1700 km unsupported trek across the Antarctic over 3 months, in temperatures of -50 Celsius and in winds of 60+ mph, by the first all-female team and all British Army personnel.

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Wed 23rd May 2018 16:00 PMH, Blandford Camp


IN WW2 – An RSI lecture by Dr Richard Skaife.  For more information, please follow the link below:


Regrettably copyright issues now prevent us from uploading the RSI lecture on German SIGINT in WW2 by Richard Skaife.


Thurs 26th July 2018 16:00


PMH, Blandford Camp


An RSI lecture by Professor David Stupples (Professor of Electronic & Radio Systems, City University London).  For more information, please follow the link below:


To view the RSI lecture by Professor Stupples on the Future of CEMA, please click on the picture.

Note that Professor Stupples retains all intellectual property rights on this material.



 For those of you who attended Prof Stupples thought provoking lecture on the future of CEMA/EW, you may recall that he offered to share some Ukrainian material on their experience of Russian EW activity in the eastern part of the country. Please click on the picture below to view the presentation by the Ukrainian General Staff on their perception of Russian capabilities.  Permission has been kindly granted by the Ukrainians for this unclassified material to be reproduced on our website but intellectual property rights remain with the originator.

Presentation of Electronic Warfare Lessons Learnt


Tues 23rd October 2018 PMH, Blandford Camp

5G – The Future of Communications

An RSI lecture by Professor Andy Sutton

5G is making many headlines at the moment with promises of ever higher peak and average data rates, ultra-reliable and low latency communications along with support for massive machine type communications to enhance the Internet of Things. This talk will briefly review the evolution of mobile communications technologies before exploring what 5G really is, which radio spectrum bands will it use, why it’s dependent on 4G LTE and how it will be delivered to address existing, new and evolving use cases. Topics to be covered include; massive MIMO and radio access networks, optical fibre, microwave and millimetre wave transmission and evolving core network solutions. The talk will present new and innovative use cases and discuss the demands these place on telecommunications networks, use cases including enhanced mobile broadband, rural coverage, AR and VR along with connected and autonomous vehicles will all be reviewed. Additionally the deployment of ‘private’ cellular networks for bespoke applications will be considered in both licensed and unlicensed spectrum.

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Thurs 15th November 2018 Institute of Directors, London


We are pleased to confirm that the principle speaker at the RSI London Lecture and Dinner will be Mr Charles Forte, the MoD Chief Information Officer.

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