Service Day’s Pay Giving Scheme

Royal Signals Charity

Sustaining Corps traditions, heritage and more through the Service Day’s Pay Scheme

The service day’s pay giving scheme supports both the efficiency and morale, and benevolence objects of the Royal Signals Charity (RSC). It is a voluntary payment that supports Corps life. The fund is administered by the RSC, The RSC is a registered charity (not an MOD fund).

About the RSC

The RSC operates under a Charity Commission scheme which specifies how its money can be spent. The three main areas are:

  • Welfare grants to support Signallers or former Signallers and their immediate dependants in need. This includes both Regular and Reserve personnel and former ATS / WRAC personnel who served in Royal Signals units.In other words, anyone who has worn “Jimmy”
  • A broad range of grants to support the ‘morale and efficiency’ of the serving Corps.
  • Grants to charities with similar aims to the RSC.

Grants to support the morale and efficiency of Corps life have been awarded to a number of Corps activities including sports, activities, events, music and recruiting. Without this support many of things that help enhance Corps Life would not be possible. Those who contribute to the scheme may, through their units, apply for Adventurous Training grants.