RSBF Welfare Support

 The Royal Signals Benevolent Fund (RSBF), swift and sure support for The Corps.

Royal Signals welfare support is provided by a combination of benevolence from The RSBF and help and assistance from caseworkers. As a grant giving charity The RSBF provides funds to help support serving and retired Army Signallers and their dependants, who are in conditions of need, hardship or distress. In the past three years The RSBF has granted close to £1 million and deals with approximately 600 cases per year. Welfare and benevolence matters are co-ordinated by the Grant Co-ordinator, Mrs Linda Sizeland. Linda is based at Headquarters Royal Signals, Blandford (full contact details below).


Friendship and Comradeship

If your enquiry relates to friendship or comradeship, rather than benevolence (financial) support please visit the Royal Signals Associaiton (RSA) site


The RSBF does not undertake casework but we can help point you in the direction of organisations who do. Most casework for The RSBF is carried out by The RBL or SSAFA. Once a need for help or support has been established by the caseworker the caseworker (not the individual) will approach The RSBF for help with funding.

Funding limits are placed on The RSBF but, we make an annual payment to The Army Benevolent Fund (ABF). In return for this the ABF supports those cases where the funding limits are beyond the scope of the RSBF. Eden Camp Standards

Who is eligible for support from The RSBF?


The Charitable Object is to relieve – either generally or individually by way of donation, grant or loan – eligible personnel who are in conditions of need, hardship or distress. Those eligible for receipt of help from the RSBF are:

  1. Past and present Signallers* and their families and dependants
  2. The families and dependants of deceased Signallers*   

*Signallers means past and present members of:

(a) The Royal Signals

(b) The Indian Signals Corps before the partition of India in 1947

(c) The Signal Service Royal Engineers

(d) The ATS, WAC(I) and WRAC who served in communications appointments with the Royal Signals. whether they are Regular, Reserve, Supplementary Reserve, Army Emergency Reserve, Territorial and Volunteer Reserve, National Service or otherwise

Please note that QG SIGNALS are included in the objects too but NOT for welfare support as they pay 100% of a day’s pay into the Gurkha Welfare Trust.


How the RSBF helps

Applications for assistance are judged on their merits but the most significant factor is that of need. Examples of need include:

  • Assistance with debts (but not credit card debts or bank loans).
  • Help to purchase items that are seen as essential to a reasonable quality of life.
  • Funeral expenses – (limited assistance).
  • Education (not tertiary).
  • Nursing/Convalescence Home fees through The Army Benevolent Fund (ABF).
  • Holidays/Respite (where there is clear need).

How to apply for assistance or support

We do not do casework but a caseworker may apply for financial assistance from us on your behalf

All applications for assistance must be supported by an independent report from a welfare organisation such as SSAFA, The Royal British Legion or Officers Association. Organisations such as SSAFA and the RBL have caseworkers who will complete the necessary application form then forward it directly to HQ. Unfortunately HQ Royal Signals is unable to act without the relevant forms.

Step 1 – Contact the Branch Welfare Officer if there is one.


Step 2 – Contact one of the following organisations:

  1. SSAFA.
  2. The Royal British Legion.
  3. The Officers Association.
  4. British Commonwealth Ex-Services League.
  5. War Pensions Agency.


Step 3 – If you are in difficulty, or are unsure about steps 1 or 2, please contact the RSBF Grant Co-ordinator Linda Sizeland. Linda is happy to help signpost you, she can be contacted by phoning 01258 48 2089 (Monday to Friday during office hours), via the Contact form below or via email or letter (full details below).

Contact Linda

Royal Signals Welfare Support - RSBF Grants Coordinator Linda Sizeland with amputee & serving soldier Dave Wilkinson. The RSBF helped fund a bike to support his rehab.
RSBF Grants Coordinator Linda Sizeland with serving soldier and amputee, Dave Wilkinson. The RSBF helped fund a bike to support Dave’s rehab

RSBF Royal Signals welfare support – Processing of applications

All applications for support are examined by HQ Royal Signals. The way applications are dealt with varies according to the amount of assistance requested but we always try to respond speedily to requests, especially where the need is urgent and time is of the essence.

Please note that when The RSBF makes awards the money is not given to individuals directly but through the sponsoring welfare organisation such as SSAFA. In the past this has sometimes led to confusion about where the funding has come from. As a result of this confusion we now write to those who receive a grant from The RSBF so they are aware of our support.

Receiving a grant from us on one occasion does not preclude further help from The RSBF but each request must be dealt with by a caseworker.

HQ Royal Signals Contact

The current Grants Co-ordinator is:

Mrs Linda Sizeland

HQ Royal Signals

Blandford Camp

Dorset DT11 8RH

Telephone: 01258 48 2089

Fax: 01258 48 2084


Useful Contacts

Help and advice can be obtained from the following: Your local SSAFA Office – See your local telephone directory or google.

Royal British Legion Office – Or see your local telephone directory.

Local Citizens’ Advice Bureau – Or see your local telephone directory.

SSAFA Central Office 4 St Dunstan’s Hill LONDON EC3R 8AD Tel: 0207 403 8783 Fax: 0207 403 8815 Web:

The Royal British Legion Royal British Legion 199 Borough High Street London SE1 1AA Tel: 0203 207 2100 Web: &

Officers’ Association Mountbarrow House 12 Elizabeth Street LONDON SW1W 9RB Tel: 0207 808 4160 Web

Veterans UK – Veterans Agency Tel: 0808 1914218 Web:

Royal Commonwealth Ex-Services League Haig House 199 Brough High Street LONDON SE1 1AA Tel: 020 3207 2413