When The Going Gets Tough Mudder

It’s not only exhilarating but a great way for me to support the RSBF

Simultaneously awesome, painful and tiring!

No, not the latest military exercise but the action-packed adventure that involves more than a mountain of mud. This 12 mile obstacle race, which takes place annually in August in the environs of Cirencester, takes challenge to the extreme.

The Electroshock therapy was the worst!

Among the many obstacles are a series of electric cables, ‘You have to run through electric cables with 10,000 volts charging through them. This Electroshock therapy is the worst but Artic Enema – a slide into a trench filled with gallons of water and tons of ice cubes – comes a close second!.’

Dire in the mire?  Our valiant fundraiser insists it’s ‘An amazing mud-tastic experience!’

‘ I totally recommend it. We try and do it every year.’ Adding, ‘It’s a great way for me to support the RSBF, I’m really proud and pleased to be helping I admire the work you do.’

Do look out for next year’s Tough Mudder – even if you don’t fancy taking part you can always sponsor someone who does.

Text a donation to the RSBF

Text 70070 and enter “RSBF11 £xx” where xx is the sum you would like to donate.