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Day’s Pay Giving Scheme

The service day’s pay giving scheme supports both the efficiency and morale, and benevolence objects of the RSBF. It is a voluntary payment that supports Corps life. The fund is administered by the Royal Signals Benevolence Fund (RSBF), The RSBF is a registered charity (not an MOD fund).

About the RSBF

The RSBF operates under a Charity Commission scheme which specifies how its money can be spent. The three main areas are:

  • Welfare grants to support Signallers or former Signallers and their immediate dependants in need. This includes both Regular and Reserve personnel and former ATS / WRAC personnel who served in Royal Signals units.In other words, anyone who has worn “Jimmy”
  • A broad range of grants to support the ‘morale and efficiency’ of the serving Corps.
  • Grants to charities with similar aims to the RSBF.

Grants to support the morale and efficiency of Corps life have been awarded to a number of Corps activities including sports, activities, events, music and recruiting. Without this support many of things that help enhance Corps Life would not be possible. Those who contribute to the scheme may, through their units, apply for Adventurous Training grants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Service Day’s Pay Giving – What You Should Know

What is Service Day’s Pay Giving?

Service Day’s Pay Giving (then the “One Day’s Pay Scheme”) was introduced in 1965. It is an administrative procedure, adopted Army-wide, for the collection of subscriptions to Corps or Regimental Charities from serving personnel. As well as supporting benevolence it is used to enrich Corps life via grants to sports,adventurous training, Corps events,  activities and so much more – officially referred to as ‘morale and efficiency’.

How much will I pay?
The Corps encourages all Regular Army Royal Signals soldiers to contribute a percentage of one day’s gross pay annually to the Royal Signals Benevolent Fund (RSBF). The percentage contribution is rank dependent – with senior ranks paying more, in part to cover off the costs of their respective messes.

Royal Signals Reserve contributes, at a rate broadly comparable with that of their Regular counterparts, but this takes into account the lower number of days of service actually given. The current rates are:

Rank Reserve Regular
Signaller – Corporal 20% of a day’s pay 110% of a day’s pay

Sergeant – WO1

25% of a day’s pay

140% of a day’s pay


30% of a day’s pay

190% of a day’s pay
What do I get in return for my donation?

The RSBF is divided into sub-funds. The main ones that all ranks contribute to are:

  1. Welfare/Veterans Fund.
  2. A general purpose ‘Corps Fund’.

All serving and retired members of the Regular and Reserve Corps are eligible to receive welfare grants in times of need or distress, only those who contribute via the Scheme will have access to the morale and efficiency grants from the Corps Fund. Morale and efficiency grants cover items such as sport, adventurous training, recruiting and professional development. They very much support and add to the value to be gained from Corps life.

What if I transfer into or out of the Corps?

It is an individual’s responsibility to ensure that your Day’s Pay Giving is given to the correct charity (RSBF for Royal Signals). JPA will continue to give your subscriptions to your old cap-badge unless you take specific action to stop that payment. To do this you need to complete two copies of form JPA E14 which is available from your RAO.

What happens when I leave the Army?

When you are discharged from the Army or Army Reserve your military pay ceases and therefore your Service Day’s Pay subscriptions automatically cease. However, access to benevolence support continues and remains open to you and your immediate dependents until the day you die – and beyond for those dependants who survive you.

How do I join the Service Day’s Pay Giving Scheme?
  1. Complete Form E14: name, rank, number, UIN, appropriate rate of contribution, start date.
  2. Ensure that you have signed and dated the form and hand the form to your PSAO / RAO to check.
  3. Your PSAO / RAO will then submit the forms to HQ R SIGNALS for processing.

Just over 50% of the RSBF’s income comes from Day’s Pay Giving

This means that other sources of funding are necessary to support the work of the Corps. In recognition of the work we do and our support to the Corps family many of our donors who contribute via Days Pay also go the extra mile to support RSBF fundraising and fundraising endeavours.

Having granted close to £1 million in benevolence in the past three years and with two new cases every working day we are very grateful to all our supporters sponsors and donors who give so generously of their time, money and energy.


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