We do not do casework but we do provide financial assistance to individuals via caseworkers. In the past three years, we have granted close to £1 million to support members of the ‘Corps family’.

Examples of how we help include: funding essential equipment to support independent living (such as electrically powered vehicles), respite, helping the bereaved, assisting with debts for essential utilities, food vouchers and so much more.

Help others in their time of need

You could do something special to help The Corps family

There has been a long-standing saying that the “Corps looks after its own” and we help wherever we can. We don’t distinguish between Regular, Reserve, National Service, ex-ATS or WRAC who served with the Corps, officer or soldier and their dependants. Any case brought to the RSBF via expert support from SSAFA, The Royal British Legion and the Army Benevolent Fund caseworkers will be considered.

You can help too, by leaving a legacy in your will. It’s simple to do and can make all the difference to someone who has worn the same cap badge.

Key legacy terms

Legacy/bequest – A gift in your Will to any charity/ person
Beneficiary – The charity/person benefitting from a legacy
Estate – The total sum of all your possessions
Codicil – A postscript to your Will which makes a legally binding change or addition to your Will

Types of legacy gifts

Sum of money (Pecuniary Legacy) – A share of your net estate (Residuary Gift) – A gift of a share of your net estate after the payment of any legacies, debts and funeral and testamentary expenses.

Revisionary Interest – A gift of a specific item or of a part or all of your estate subject to somebody else having the use and enjoyment of it during their lifetime on the condition the asset involved (or remaining share of the estate) will pass to somebody else after that person’s death. Such a gift requires specialist drafting. Please consult your solicitor.

Specific Legacy – A gift of something distinguishable in your estate which can be identified by a specific description, such as a house or a piece of jewellery.

A huge thank you to all RSBF supporters

Ensuring we will always be here to help and support when needed is vital. Legacy gifts are one way our donors and supporters help the RSBF do that.

Two New Cases Every Working Day

One case in ten for a Serving Soldier – Two thirds of cases assist those aged 65+

Together we can do more

When leaving gifts in their will people wish to provide for family and friends. From time to time the RSBF benefits from the generosity of those who wish to include a gift for The Royal Signals ‘Corps Family’. A legacy to the RSBF is hugely appreciated and a wonderful way of supporting us even after you are gone.


No gift too small

People sometimes ask what a suitable legacy gift is. The answer is whatever you would like it to be; £50, £500, 1% of your estate or any figure you choose. A legacy is a personal decision. The information provided here is for guidance only. When writing or amending a Will we recommend speaking with a Solicitor.


If you have an existing Will

If you have an existing Will but you would like to amend it to leave a share of your estate to RSBF we recommend that you speak to your solicitor to ensure that you understand the tax consequences and that this is done in a way which complements your existing arrangements.


If you don’t already have a Will (Intestate)

If you die without a Will your assets are distributed according to the rules of intestacy, see www.gov.uk/wills-probate-inheritance

Dying intestate may result in lengthy, expensive and complex legal battles; we strongly urge you to make a Will. Contact a solicitor or Will writing organisation to do so.

The Royal Signals Benevolent Fund 

Incorporating the Royal Signals Association

Swift and Sure Support  for The Corps – Together We Can Do More

The Royal Signals Benevolent Fund (RSBF) supports serving and retired Royal Signals soldiers, their partners and dependants. A key charitable object is to relieve – either generally or individually by way of donation or grant – eligible personnel who are in conditions of need, hardship or distress.

Every gift in every Will, makes a genuine difference 


Gifts left to the RSBF in a Will can be used either to support benevolence or to enrich Corps life in other ways – perhaps by supporting Corps sports, Corps heritage, key activities and events. If you would like your gift to only support benevolence you can specify this.

Each year the RSBF helps hundreds of serving and retired members of The Corps who are in situations of hardship, need or distress. This includes: serving Signallers injured on operations, the families of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, members of the Corps who need assistance with specialist medical care for their children, and veterans who need help in maintaining their mobility and independence.


Find out more

If you would like to make a difference we will be happy to provide information on how to leave a legacy so that others from the Corps might benefit from your generosity. Please note we cannot advise on Legacy giving, we recommend you contact a solicitor to do so.

There is no requirement to let us know that you have left – or intend to leave a gift in your Will, though you are of course welcome to do so. 

Should you wish to contact us about Legacy Giving, please contact Col (Retd) T W Canham either Email via the contact form below or write to:

Col (Retd) T W Canham, Regimental Secretary

Royal Signals Headquarters

Griffin House

Blandford Camp

DT11 8RH

Tel: 01258 482081

Mil: 94371 2081

Royal Signals Benevolent Fund

Contact the RSBF for legacy giving information

RSBF – Supporting Royal Signals’ Soldiers & Their Dependants From Cradle To Grave