James Redden went to the ends of the earth


How far will you go?


Thinking of fund raising?

Plan, promote, produce, educate and excite to extract that much needed cash

Having a great fundraising idea is an excellent start but for maximum impact make sure others know what you plan to do.

Garner support, generate interest, post up-dates, pictures not just after the event but before and during if possible. Blog a bit too – say how the training is going, invite people to feel they’re part of the programme. A video or vlog series – keep each short, amusing/entertaining your audience is great but importantly get the message across about why this is important to you and what difference their donation will make.

Making your mark

  • Tie your fundraising to an activity and do your best to connect others to the cause.
  • Let The RSBF know you’re holding the event so we can help and support.
  • Explain the RSBFs mission to your supporters so they know what we do and why it matters.
  • Showcase individuals and groups that have or will benefit. (Maintain confidentiality of course).
  • Present anecdotes to increase interest and awareness.
  • Time it right.

Five ways to get donations


  1. Allow for online and mobile giving (Just Giving / Text donations) as well as collection tins/buckets.
  2. No longer part of the military? Ask you’re organisation if they’ll sponsor you – or match the money raised in some way.
  3. Have wristbands and branded merchandise to hand so people can visibly show their support.
  4. Generate interest by promoting and publicising your event. Go local, national, global and virtual. Don’t forget obvious avenues such as supermarkets and social media as well as press and TV. BFBS are always on the lookout for good news to share too.
  5. Share your progress in words, pictures, by video, Vlogs and blogs. Don’t wait till the event – show your supporters, the planning and graft too.


Just Giving is an easy way for people to donate, every donation is welcomed, no matter how small. Interestingly Just Giving say that whether £1 or £100 follow-on funds tend to be fairly similar to initial amounts pledged, so an especially generous early pledge or two could see you hurtling to your fundraising target.


Importantly, enjoy the experience. Happy fundraising!

Steve's top fundraising tips

It was touching to receive sponsorship and words of encouragement from complete strangers.

Steve strode out on the Pennine Way to raise money for The RSBF.

He learned a lot along the way and shares his top-fundraising tips…

The blanket email

Close family, friends and colleagues will normally support each other but it’s how we pique the interest and support of a wider community that’s tricky.

I sent a blanket email to more than 170 friends and colleagues but with fewer than 5 per cent responding and subsequently sponsoring it’s clear this approach doesn’t yield a high return and although it’s great to get any response this shouldn’t be used in isolation.

Keep telling the story

The RSBF website, connected to social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook helped to spread the message. It was touching to receive sponsorship and words of encouragement from complete strangers. I am conscious that I didn’t send enough updates and photos to allow the RSBF to keep the story going online. Its not always possible on this kind of trip – but I’d try to make sure any future events factored this in (and of course try to combat things beyond my control such as Network coverage).

I’d really encourage anyone whose aim is to raise money as much as possible – rather than just to complete the challenge – to provide the words and pictures so those back home, running social media and PR can tell the story.

Be like Steve...