Going The Extra Mile

They push and pull, break world records, even go to the ends of the earth.

Our #Fundraisers are simply the best

Awash With Fundraising!

Torrential rain may have stopped play at 16 Signal Regiment’s Families Day held earlier this year but it didn’t dampen the spirits of their intrepid fundraisers. With Bouncy castles floating into the sunset the key course of action was to ensure the #RSBF was awash with cash and donations from raffles and indoor entertainment.

In all the Regiment raised a very cheery £852 which they proudly presented to the Corps Colonel Col Simon Hutchinson ADC MBE and RSTL Communication Director Sandra Hutchinson. The event was organised by SSgt Louis Simpkins who was ably helped and assisted by WO1 (RSM) N McDiarmid, Cpl Jay Poulter, LCpl Nathan Harrison, LCpl Jordan Dunlop, LCpl Holly Gayler, LCpl Emily Towersey-Veal. The group said they felt it was important to support their own charity; adding that, not only did they know of people the RSBF had assisted but equally you could never be sure when a close Royal Signals friend or comrade might need help from the RSBF.

Hot, hot, hot! The heat is on as Sunil’s Desert Marathon raises £1900 for RSBF

Dedication, focus, relentless determination and benevolence meant that when Royal Signals soldier Sunil Kandola took on the challenges of the desert he also raised an outstanding £1900 for the RSBF

Sunil Ultra Marathon

Sunil writes: ‘Living and working in Saudi Arabia opens up a whole raft of different opportunities that wouldn’t otherwise be available. One of these is being able to test physical and mental strength by training in the desert heat for  the Oman Desert Marathon; a 160+km multi-stage race across the Oman Empty Quarter.

Racing in ‘the Alps of the desert’

The race is unsupported; you carry all food and supplies including sleeping bag, mat etc (water is replenished at checkpoints). Much of the run is across sand dunes parts of which are described as the Alps of the desert. Daily distances average 30km with the penultimate stage is a gruelling night marathon. Training involves running several hundred kilometres in the relentless Saudi heat and scorching sun.

Sunil, well done and thank you so much. An outstanding achievement that will help us make a difference to your fellow #CorpsFamily.

Pedal Power Provides £s!

We take our hats (but not helmets) off to cyclists Vanessa Royals of 1 Signal Regiment and Lyndsey Hurst of 3 (UK) Div Signal Regiment. Between them, this dynamo of a duo have raised more than £600 for the #RSBF.  They sought sponsorship for the ‘Prudential RideLondon – Surrey 100′ in support of the Royal Signals Benevolent Fund., and captured cash via a last minute training session in Bulford. In addition, Vanessa organised a Quiz Night in Stafford and helpfully provided fundraising tips to share with others. 

We’re delighted they’re ‘putting their pedal-power behind the RSBF and we hope we can continue to count on their continued support in the future. 

He did it and you gave 140%

Thanks to all who supported Al Croston’s Great North Run – going more than the extra ‘swift and sure’ mile for the RSBF. Al, a member of 16 Signal Regiment, not only raised £350 (exceeding his fundraising target by £100) but his marathon stint is helping to ensure we continue to deliver swift and sure support to the Corps. Thank-you Al and thank you to your wonderful supporters. 

Goals, goals, goals…

A world record attempt wasn’t the only thing these footballers from 11 Signal Regiment had in their sights when they chose to fundraise for the RSBF.

Read their story here: Five-A-Side Fundraising

Creative, imaginative, delicious

Fabulous fundraisers from Support Squadron, 2 Signal Regiment showcased their culinary talents to produce the most fabulous cakes for a ‘Bake Sale’ and raised a very tasty £250 in the process. Thank you all 🙂

Text a donation to the RSBF

Text 70070 and enter “RSBF11 £xx” where xx is the sum you would like to donate.

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A Well Deserved Medal for Editor Amy

From running The Wire to running the Salisbury Half…

It may be back to business as usual for Wire Editor Amy Petersen but we couldn’t pass-up on the opportunity to thank Amy for exchanging her ‘running heads’ for running shoes and raising much needed funds in the process. Having competed in the recent Salisbury Half Marathon not only did Amy earn a well-deserved medal but, thanks to her generous supporters and donors, she raised more than £150 for the RSBF. Thank you Amy; your awesome achievement is helping to keep RSBF fundraising right on track. 

There’s still time to show your support to Amy via JustGiving 

RSBF Swift and sure support for the Corps; together we can do more

Text a donation to the RSBF

Text 70070 and enter “RSBF11 £xx” where xx is the sum you would like to donate.

Run, row and cycle to Sennelager!

It’s fair to say that many members of Bravo Troop, 1 Signal Regiment miss serving in their spiritual home – Sennelager, Germany, so it’s perhaps not surprising that they decided to cover the distance to ‘return home’. Fortunately for all their wonderful new ‘family and friends’ in Stafford, this was just a virtual trip back down memory lane.

#SennelagerChallenge organised by Cpl Kalibahadur Gurung witnessed Bravo Troop take to running 223 miles, rowing 28 miles and cycling 347 miles to power their way through the challenge. Not only did they cover the total distance of 646.1 miles –  representing the distance from MOD Stafford to Normandy Barracks Sennelager-  but they raised an awesome £17760; donating £880 to each of the Royal Signals Benevolent Fund and Macmillan. Thanks all – and we’re delighted you decided to stay in Stafford 🙂

Why RSBF isn’t ‘half’ worth it

A huge thank you to soldiers from 243 Signal Squadron, 10th Signal Regiment who competed in the Chippenham Half Marathon.  Each had individual reasons for wanting to run but said, ‘As serving members of the Royal Corps of Signals we all felt an obligation to raise money for a worthy cause that assists both serving and ex-members of the Corps.’ Collectively they raised almost £350 for the RSBF helping to ensure the RSBF can continue to offer Swift and Sure support.

Photo: L-R: WO2 (SSM) Marc Beckett, Cpl Kim Sutherland, SSgt (FofS(IS)) Andrew Gillett.

Cinders shall go to the ball

Glamour isn’t just the preseve of celeb magazines as Blandford ladies proved at a  Dress X-Change, organised by Cpl Tasha Goodwin of 11 Signal Regiment. Not only did the event raise over £400 but it also provided a fun opportunity to buy, sell and swop top-notch frocks! 

Text a donation to the RSBF

Text 70070 and enter “RSBF11 £xx” where xx is the sum you would like to donate.

Our Amazing RSBF Fundraisers In Action

#THANKYOU so much for helping us to make a difference to the lives of others 🙂

Fundraising matched by 4Com Foundation

Discover why Deano chose to fundraise for the RSBF and how every £1 raised became £2.

Dean and 4Com Foundation support RSBF

Why WW2 veteran Derek supports the RSBF

WW2 veteran Derek from RSA Tameside  is a stalwart on the fundraising scene. He even takes memorabilia with him, including an original Daily Mail, printed in gold, of the Signing of the Armistice in 1918.

We feature Derek’s story in our fundraiser pack.

Blandford Traders Support The RSBF

#THANKYOU it’s fabulous to have such generous community support 🙂

Losing weight, gaining £s!

An Open Day with raffle organised by Blandford’s Cambridge Weight Loss Centre was designed not only to encourage locals to lose pounds but to add £’s to RSBF coffers too. The event,  attended by  the Mayor of Blandford, Peter Clark and RSBF Communication Director Sandra Hutchinson, saw Blandford Traders unite in support of the RSBF.  

A fabulous array of raffle prizes as well as spirited donation of services, including those of James Newsagents who kindly delivered promotional leaflets, resulted in £372 being raised for the RSBF. 

A huge thank you to all, especially organiser Ro Hughes from the Centre for her stalwart support and to her colleagues, for a truly enjoyable, tasty day.

11 Signal Regiment team bonding brings in the bucks for RSBF 

When LCpl Ashish of 11 SIgnal Regiment entered a 5km Charity Run in Poole he wasn’t alone. Not only were there several thousand other competitors but LCpl Ashish amassed a team of 35 phase two trainees to join in the fun. LCpl commented that he wanted to run for the RSBF as it’s a really good charity. Adding that the event was also great for personal fitness and team cohesion.  It’s really good for phase two trainees to see and work with soldiers outside of the training environment, ahead of joining their units.  The team raised a terrific £323 for the RSBF proving that, as well as ensuring Swift and Sure Support, together we really can do more.

James went to the ends of the Earth for the RSBF…

What will you do?

Cradle to grave support for The Corps

Why baby Thomas is catalyst for charity cycle

Read the story that inspired these cyclists from 3 (UK) Div Signal Regiment to get on their bikes and pedal for the RSBF.

Baby Thomas’s Story

Fundraising for RSBF? 

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Masterful fundraising from Master Of Signals 

Our fundraisers include senior soldiers, junior soldiers, veterans, units, RSA Branches, dependants, community fundraisers,  and so many more; all of whom quite simply want to lend their support.

We are exceptionally grateful to all.

Swift and Sure Support For The Corps – Together We Can Do More

Taking stock for the RSBF

Not even torrential rain could dampen the spirits of 2 Signal Regiment’s soldiers and supporters as Commanding Officer Lt Col Caroline Lewin took to the stocks – all in a good cause of course. Her drenching resulted in more than £200 raining into RSBF coffers during the families open day to celebrate the Corps birthday.  Thank you ma’am, thank you all.

Flavoursome fundraising

An army may march on its stomach but when you add curry to the cooking pot it’s most definitely double quick to the dining room. With trusty Gurkha chefs at the helm and the capable organistational skills of Sgt Naresh of 11 Signal Regiment and team, more than 200 people lunched on tasty, traditional Nepalese dishes.

Following a brief hello and thank you from Sandra Hutchinson RSBF Communication Director a fabulous meal was topped off with a raffle packed with prizes, generously donated by the Nepalese and local communities. 

The event raised a fantastic £1126.54 Dhanybhad! Thank you so much for helping the RSBF help others.


If at first you don’t succeed…

Read the challenges faced by Steve when he strode out on The Pennine Way to fundraise for the RSBF

Steve’s Story

Swift and Sure Support for The Corps – Together We Can Do More
They did it will you? #Fundraise for the RSBF

Ex Winged Lion

Two Corps awards and £3000 raised for RSBF

37th Signal Regiment under the command of then CO Lt Col Downes not only raised £3,000 for The RSBF, 50% more than their target, but they collected for local charities too. The 369 mile, eight day challenge saw the team cycling from Redditch via Coventry, Birmingham, Stafford, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield and Nottingham to the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire.
In addition to stellar fundraising the team visited each Army Reserve Centre of the Regiment, promoting fitness, attracting potential recruits and engaging with local authorities and employers. 37th Signal Regiment were also awarded prizes for sport and recruiting at The Corps Conference.

Dodentoch death march

We realised 1-1 ½ hours in the gym on an evening, or very early morning, might not be enough…

Sergeant Mark Gibson writes: ‘It was back in April 2017, just before we deployed on exercise to Lithuanian, that Cpl Wilson and I that came up with the idea of taking part in the 100km dodentocht event (death march) to raise money for the Royal Signals benevolent Fund.

Our training began. Once we had completed the build-up phase of the exercise we joined a nearby 24 hour gym. This came in handy as we did not have enough time during the day to train. After a period of time we realised that 1-1 ½ hours in the gym on an evening (or very early morning) might not be enough!  To combat this we took our running shoes into work and, after the  working-day ended, we would run from the exercise area to our accommodation – a distance of approximately 6km. We kept this up until ‘end ex’ was called.

On returning to Wesel we continued to train. We took advantage of PT sessions and started to increase the distance we ran.

Unfortunately a number of issues meant we couldn’t compete on the day but we still managed to raise several hundred pounds by strategically placing out collection tins in the local Natex, rest/coffee area and in our welfare annex. We also sold RSBF wrist bands and other merchandise at various events and function organized by the unit. We still hope to compete the challenge – and would like to thank all those who were keen to show their support of the RSBF and of us.’

Cpl Wilson

RSBF Fundraisers support The RSBF –

Here’s a few easy ways you can too…


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