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Welcome to the York Reunion Group Page

The ROYAL SIGNALS – YORK REUNION GROUP, (Y.R.G.) idea was formulated back in June 2012.

In February 2012, three ex-scaleys decided to meet up, in York, for a drink together after chatting together on facebook. Each month thereafter, there was one more, then a couple more, etc.

It was noted, after attending the Royal Signals annual reunion that year, in Blandford Dorset, that there was a noticeable minority of veterans from the North of the U.K. and on the journey home it was decided to form a York based group and attract membership through an official FACEBOOK site.

And so, the group site was set up on facebook attracting more veterans and thus the Y.R.G. was formed by utilising our official FACEBOOK site on 11th August 2012, and the first ‘meet’ was on 14th August 2012 with nine attendees!

By forming the group, the YRG has given Royal Signals veterans from all over the United Kingdom, but especially from the North of England and Scotland, the chance to meet up once a month! There are many who travel from as far as Wales, Kent and some even make the effort by flying in from EXPAT or remote global locations!

 It is a privilege which has been lost to most of our northern veterans, since the ‘home’ of the Royal Corps of Signals moved from Catterick to Blandford in Dorset.

Although the official RSA branches do an admirable job, and many of our members are also members of those RSA branches; we wanted a NAAFI/JRC style, “All Ranks Club” type of environment to get together and socialize, just like we did in the old days!

The group has been a huge success!

It now boasts a membership of over 550 Royal Signals veterans, and other cap badges who served along side of us, within our Royal Signals units. Also, thanks to one of our members, the Y.R.G. is now an officially affiliated group of the Royal Signals Association.

Regular ‘meets’ take place on the second Monday of each month, commencing at 11 a.m. Sharp! (As that’s when the Bar opens!)

Crescent Club (Community Venue),
8, The Crescent
York. YO24 1AW.

It progresses through the afternoon. And it has been known at times, for some members to carry on into the evening!

Many personnel arriving by train usually meet up at the exit to York Railway station, from 1015 onwards, and then make their way to the venue as a group, at approximately 1050hrs.

The only exception to our schedule is the month of November, when the Y.R.G. meet on the 11th of November every year, assembled and formed up by, “getting on parade” well in advance of the 11 a.m. requirement to pay our respects and lay a wreath in the Memorial Gardens in York, after which we relocate to the normal RV at the Cresent Club!


If you would like to join us on Face Book please go to our page (closed group) at: and apply.


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Membership of The RSA is open to any person – Regular, TA/Reserve, National Service, ATS, WRAC – who served with the Corps