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We meet around 4 times per year.

The branch currently enjoys a healthy membership of around 30 life members and their partners. The age group is fairly wide ranging and covers a number of generations. This said, there is plenty of room for many more so please feel free to come along and meet the family.

Forecast of events 2018 – Peterborough Branch RSA

During 2018 we hope to run a number of events:

On a date to be decided we expect to run a BBQ in Geoff’s garden to view the Flying Scotsman as it passes the bottom of his garden. Date TBD.

We are going to run a Flying Day from a local airport for members and their families to enjoy a flight across the Wash or around Peterborough. The plane can take 3 passengers at a time so let Margaret know if you are interested.

Fantastic entertainment….On November 29th at the Cresset theatre there is a show called “That’ll be the day”. Some of us have seen this group on a number of occasions and they visit the Cresset twice every year and every show is different. They are quite brilliant and we hope to get a group of us together to attend this year’s show. We need to book early as it is always a full house.

The highlight of the year is our early Christmas Dinner on Friday November 23rd. Once again we have secured the presence of “Juke Box legends” to entertain us. Pete and Fiona ( Juke Box legends) were the entertainment last year and those who attended gave them ten out of ten, so we have invited them back. It truly is a spectacular evening and will he held once again at the Holiday Inn. last year the room, the food, the service and the ambience was superb so here’s hoping for a similar occasion. Bring your family and friends and make it a memorable evening.  For those wishing to stay the night, the hotel have offered special room rates which are very inexpensive.



d*The Secretary needs to know numbers for the Christmas Dinner 2018. Please contact Geoff as soon as you receive the invitation.  

A Sad Day

The funeral took place in Peterborough on 5th October 2016 of one of the Branch Associations longest serving members. Major Bob Rowland died in September but he will be very fondly remembered by all present and past members of the branch.  Forty three years ago, Ron had been one of the founder members of the Peterborough Association and was a regular member until recently when illness prevented him from attending meetings and social gatherings. The funeral was marked by the Association Standard carried by our Standard Bearer Michael Court while the guard of Honour was provided by the current President John Hill, the past President Bill White and Wally Moss. A further past President Ken Smith also attended the ceremony. Reference was made throughout the eulogy and indeed shown on the Order of Service of Bob’s great love for the Corps. God rest Bob. We will remember you


The funeral took place in Boston Lincolnshire of Arthur Horn. Arthur was possibly the last Signalman to leave the beaches of Dunkirk during the evacuation. He died aged 98. The Peterborough Branch standard was carried at the funeral by the branch Standard Bearer Michael Court

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Membership of The RSA is open to any person – Regular, TA/Reserve, National Service, ATS, WRAC – who served with the Corps
  • Peterborough Branch Committee

    • John Hill                       President
    • Geoff Gardiner           Chairman
    • Michael Court             Secretary and Standard bearer
    • John Walsh                  Treasurer
    • David Stapleton         Committee member
    • Adam Twose              Committee member
    •  Tony Caprio              Committee member
    • Margaret Gardiner   Committee member    (Associate member)

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