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The Middlesex Yeomanry Association

For all past, present and future members of The Middlesex Yeomanry Association, and for all our friends and supporters.

The Aims of the Association are to:

  • Foster and preserve the comradeship which exists and has always existed among all ranks of the Middlesex Yeomanry in War and Peace in their roles of Cavalry and Royal Signals.
  • Maintain links with those members living afar.
  • Organise re-unions and maintain close liaison with sub-units of the Royal Signals Squadrons, etc, bearing the name of the Middlesex Yeomanry in their title and assist (if required) in any way possible, particularly recruiting.
  • Maintain a branch of The Royal Signals Association.
  • Provide lines of communication with ex-members in need of assistance through the benevolent fund of the Association.
  • Preserve the Regiment’s tradition and history by means of the Regimental and Signals Museum.


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The Association meets quarterly at the Territorial Army Centre in Honeycroft Hill, Uxbridge, on the 1st Tuesday in March, the last Tuesday in April, the 1st Tuesday in October and the last Tuesday in November, of each year. The AGM precedes the April meeting. At this time, all meetings will start at 2000 hours.

Association Band

For many years the Uxbridge Yeomanry Cavalry had considered forming a Band but it was not until the NCO’s were willing to give up their pay, and the officers undertook to underwrite any deficiency, that the Regimental Band became a reality in 1843.

The first Band-Master was William Newman of Uxbridge, assisted by Mr. Bligh of the Royal Horse Artillery Band. The Band first appeared on parade in June 1843 with thirteen musicians who were complimented by the Inspecting Officer from the Light Dragoons, and its first public concert was held on Uxbridge Common on a Sunday afternoon in June 1855, when the local press reported that ‘it was a treat never before offered to the town’

The Band has a long history of taking part in ceremonial parades and reached its peak during the 19th century when it was mounted on grey horses. On the 16th July 1881 the regiment provided a Captain’s Escort, accompanied by the mounted band, at Brighton for their Royal Highnesses the Prince and Princess of Wales, and a picture in oils was painted to record this historical event in the life of the regiment. For many years this picture was lost, but in recent years it was discovered hanging in Lannydrock House, Near Bodmin, Cornwall, which is owned by the National Trust.

Research produced little information about a ‘Regimental Band’ during the inter-war years, but veterans who served with the Regiment during the 1930’s have recollections of the Band accompanying them to annual camp, which is confirmed in contemporary Regimental Orders.

It was not until the mid-1950’s that a regimental band was re-raised and based at Uxbridge, which coincided with the Middlesex Yeomanry Squadron stationed there being commanded by Major S.J. Williams MBE.,TD.

The band flourished until the end of the 1960’s when the Territorial Army was re-organised and the number of T.A. bands was reduced, and regimental funds withdrawn.

To the rescue

In an attempt to save the band Lt. Col. S. J. Williams made an application to the Ministry of Defence to take over the band, and in 1968 he, ‘…with Ministry of Defence permission took over and re-formed the Middlesex Yeomanry Band as a voluntary organisation’. Permission was also given for the Band to wear the uniform of the Middlesex Yeomanry, with some minor variations. Most of the musicians were former military bandsmen and the band, now known as ‘The Middlesex Yeomanry Association Band’, was soon judged to be good enough to parade on occasions with the regular army bands.

The Band prospered under the patronage of Colonel Williams, and enjoyed many successful years under the baton of Mr. F. B. Brisley MBE., a retired Royal Marines Musician, and former Band-Master of the Central Band of the Royal Air Force. It entertained the public in the Royal Parks and was always in demand for concert performances and ceremonial parades. For many years it took part in The Lord Mayor’s Show, the Cavalry Memorial Parade in Hyde Park, and the Belgian Ex-Servicemen’s Remembrance Parade on Horseguards Parade.

Colonel Williams, Founder President of the Middlesex Yeomanry Association Band, was devoted to the band and, for its services to the Belgian Ex-Servicemen’s Association in London, was awarded the Belgian Meritorious Service Medal.

After the death of Colonel Williams in 1999 Major R. L. Miller TD., was elected President, and the Band continues to give pleasure to the public and to lead parades on ceremonial occasions.

The Current Band Master is Michael Robinson (Ex RAF Central Band), The Band Secretary is Ron Keevil (Tel: 0208-979-3733), a long serving member of the Middlesex Yeomanry and Royal Army Pay Corps.

The Band Rehearse every Sunday morning at 10:00hrs (except Bank Holidays or if they have an engagement that particular Sunday), at;



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