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We hold regular monthly meetings on the third Thursday of the month at the:

Army Reserve Centre,

The Bradford Armoury,

Neasham Road

Darlington. DL1 4DF


Meetings start at 1930 Hrs.  

New members are always welcome.

        Royal Signals Veterans Donate to the NSPCC.

In 2009, the Branch Members decided to support a charity each year by bucket collections at our Branch social functions.  Rather than supporting just one charity, the unusual step of selecting a different charity each year by asking members to nominate their own choice and then drawing the winner for the year was chosen.    Since the start, the Branch has donated in excess of £5,150 to 9 charities, namely Great North Air Ambulance, Macmillan Cancer Support, Star & Garter, Butterwick Childrens Hospice, British Heart Foundation, Gurkha Welfare Trust, ABF, The Not Forgotten Association and lastly the NSPCC.

A cheque to the value of £350 was presented to Katy Carmen of the NSPCC at our Branch Meeting on Thursday 28th March 2019.

The photos show from the left – NSPCC 1    –    Bill Paton, John Arkley, Katy Carmen (NSPCC), Ray Jeffery, Joanne Fletcher

 NSPCC 2 –       Joanne Fletcher, Katy Carmen (NSPCC), Ray Jeffery, John Arkley, Bill Paton – with the Branch Members in the background.

Photos courtesy of Colin Ridley


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                 Darlington RSA Committee


President: Ron Botham
Vice President: Ray Jeffery
Chairman: Bill Paton
Vice Chairman: Paul Buckley
Secretary: Joanne Fletcher
Treasurer: John Arkley
Assistant Treasurer: Alex Armstrong
Branch Admin Support Officer Colin Ridley
Branch Visiting Officer:                             Fred Alexander
Branch Standard Bearer:                             Gary Fletcher
Assistant Branch Standard Bearer’s:  Tony Knight & Christine Middleton
Entertainments Member:                               Ken Coates
Data Protection Officer                    Paul Buckley
Branch Data Controller:  Ray Jeffery
Branch Facebook Manager:  Paul Standing
Branch Web Manager:

John West





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Membership of The RSA is open to any person – Regular, TA/Reserve, National Service, ATS, WRAC – who served with the Corps



The Branch was first formed in 1936 but for various reasons little is known of the history before WWII.

As a result of a letter to the Northern Echo by Lt Col WA Lee, R. Signals a meeting was held at the Imperial Hotel Darlington on 23rd October 1945 with the object of re-forming a branch of the Old Comrades Association.  Chaired by Brigadier TTJ Sheffield TD ADC it was attended by 43 members or ex-members of the Royal Signals.

A temporary Committee was voted in as follows: –

Chairman   :      LtCol WA Lee R.Signals Secretary    :      Capt EN Atkinson R.Signals Treasurer   :      Mr RE Cobbing

The Committee was to obtain the necessary information with regard to the formation of a Branch and to arrange a further meeting in December 1945.

Meeting held on 10th December 1945 at the British Legion Club.

Chaired by Brigadier TTJ Sheffield TD ADC  in the absence, through hospitalisation, of the Branch Chairman Lt Col WA Lee R.Signals.

In accordance with Rule 2 of Rules for a Local Branch of the Old Comrades of the Signals Association, it was agreed that the occupants of Secretary and Treasurer be reversed:

                       I.e. Hon Treasurer now to be Capt EN Atkinson  R.Signals

                       Hon Secretary now to be Mr RE Cobbing

Efforts to be made to place adverts in the NAAFI Club Darlington, Cinemas and in the Daily Orders of the 1st Signals Training Centre, Catterick Camp.

It appears that informal meetings of members were held twice monthly on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month, Committee meetings held monthly and General Meetings quarterly.

In January 1946 it is noted that Lt Col WA Lee R.Signals is now shown as OBE.

In December 1946 the venue for the meetings changed to the Waterloo Hotel and it was voted on 5th December 1946 that in future the Waterloo Hotel be referred to as RHQ.

 It was also announced that: –

An AGM of the Royal Signals Association will be held at Catterick Camp on 22nd June 1947 and as many members as possible to attend.                    

A AMeeting of Honorary Secretaries to be held in London on 2nd or 9th April 1947.   

 Announced in June 1947: –                That the Drill Hall, Larchfield Street, would shortly be available for the Branch to use as HQ.                That only 7 members attended the Old Comrades Association Reunion at Catterick on 22nd June 1947 which was recorded as a most enjoyable day.  August 1947.            The Drill Hall of 50(N) Div Sig Regt (TA) was offered for meetings and social events by LtCol WA Lee OBE R.Signals now 2IC 50(N) Div Sig Regt (TA).  Committee Meeting 29th October 1947. 

                 Noted that the Chairman was now Major WA Lee OBE R.Signals.                  It is noted that the Social Committee also holds meetings.

 Meeting June 1950.   The Chairman is now LtCol WA Lee OBE R.Signals Commanding Officer 50 Inf Div Sigs (TA)  Meeting 19th January 1951

              Chairman    :  Major FF Ellis MBE R.Signals               Secretary    :  Mr L Burnside

Meeting February 1951 Financial concern, £3 in cash, £20 outstanding in loans. A proposed Social and Dinner should be changed to a Social, for which no charge should be made as raffle should defray expenses but the Dinner should be quashed.   Meeting 25th May 1951.        Secretary now Mr GE Dean MM.

There is an unexplained gap of minutes between 29th September 1951 and 4th November 1954 when a meeting was held to “carry on the Branch”.  This was carried unanimously, and a new Committee elected.

  Meeting December 1954.       That a Bank Account be opened. Meeting 24th February 1955.

Brigadier H Firth, General Secretary of the Royal Signals Association in attendance.                 Committee of the Darlington Branch is now:  –                 Chairman     :   Col WA Lee OBE                 Secretary      :   Mr GE Dean MM                 Treasurer     :   Mr W Rawson                 Branch funds £8.12.3.  Cost of Branch Standard £14.18.0.  Proposed payment on delivery will be an initial £5.

It now appears that Branch meetings are held every month with the exception of each February when the Annual General Meeting is held. Annual General Meeting February 1967                 It was announced that this would be the last meeting at the TA Centre, Larchfield Street.  Enquiries would be made into the possibility of meeting   at the new TA&VR Drill Hall, Neasham Road, Darlington. This enquiry was successful and the first Branch meeting took place on 6th April 1967, after meeting at the old venue for 20 years. Meetings still continue to be held at the TA Centre 44 years on.   The attendance numbers have varied alarmingly over the years from as low as 7 (including the Committee) to as high as the mid 30s.  There is no apparent reason for these fluctuations.  


The first evidence of an appointment of a President is in the minutes of February 1993.  LtCol E. Thompson filled this appointment until his death on 6th October 1995.   The position remained vacant, due to the Association Rules at that time, until November 2000 when Major (TOT) R. Todd agreed to accept the appointment.  He served until February 2009 when he had to resign due to ill health.  Mr C. Cooke was then elected President of the Branch.   Mr Cooke resigned in 2014 and Mr R Botham stood down as Chairman and was elected as President of the Branch.

 VICE PRESIDENTS At the Branch AGM in February 2016, the Branch approved a new position of Vice President and Capt R Jeffery accepted the appointment following his standing down as Branch Secretary.


1945  Brig TTJ  Sheffield TD ADC          Oct  1945  LtCol  WA Lee R.Signals            Jun  1950  Capt (then Maj) FF Ellis MBE        Nov 1954  Col WA Lee  OBE   Jan  1963  Capt TA Jacks  R.Signals      Feb  1969  Mr H Whitfield                          Feb  1972  Mr A Stenning                               Feb  1974  Mr GE  Dean  MM         Feb 1976  Mr AET Bosten                     Feb  1978  Maj A Stirk R.Signals                 Feb  1987  Capt T Cushen R.Signals              Nov  2000  Mr R Botham               Feb 2014  Mr B McSherry                     Feb   2017  Mr D Courtenay                        Feb  2019  Mr B Paton 



In 1956 the Branch Committee decided to appoint a Vice Chairman and the first appointed was:

 Sep 1956 Capt TA Jacks  R Signals.            Jan 1963  Mr R Mellis.             Feb 1974  Mr C Cooke.               Oct 1975  Mr WA Bennett.                                              Feb 1977 Capt T Cushen  R Signals.          Feb 1987  Mr W Munro.          Feb 1992  Mr F Sampson.           Feb 1997  Mr D Rees.                                                 Feb 2004  Mr B McSherry.                          Jun 2006  Mr V Forsythe.        Feb 2015  Maj PA Buckley R Signals.


Oct  1945  Capt EN Atkinson R.Signals.   Dec  1945  Mr RE Cobbing.    May  1949  Mr WJ Evans.   Jun  1950  Mr L Burnside.  Oct  1956  Mr GE Dean  MM.   Feb  1973  Mr WA Bennett.   Oct  1975  Mr C Cooke.    Mar  2005  Lt ST Wise  R.Signals.   Oct  2007  Capt R Jeffery RAMC (V).   Feb 2016   Mrs J Fletcher.


Oct  1945  Mr RE Cobbing.      Dec  1945  Capt EN Atkinson  R.Signals.      Nov  1954  Capt J  Rawson R.Signals.      Feb  1966  Mr F Green.      

Feb  1970  Mr JA Dobson.       Feb  2000  Mr J Meaney.      Jan  2003  Mr E Morton.      Jun  2006  Mr B McSherry.      Feb 2012  Mr T Thorp.                                 Feb 2018  Mr J Arkley.

  NOTABLE MEMBERS                 Colonel Sir WA  LEE Kt OBE TD DL,

Former High Sheriff of Durham, Chairman of the Northern Regional Health Authority, President of SSAFA Darlington,  Commander of 4 Corps Signals and 50(Northumbrian) Div Sig Regt (TA).


                Mr George Dean MM

As a Signalman serving with 50 Div during WWII he was awarded the Military Medal for action as a Regimental Runner in the run-up to Dunkirk. He served as Chairman of the Branch for 2 years and as Secretary for 17 years.

                  Mr Jack  Dobson

He served as a Corporal in WWII and saw action in Italy at Monte Cassino.  After joining the Branch in 1945 and serving on various committees he became Branch Treasurer from 1970 to 2000 a total of 30 years. For giving such outstanding service to the Branch and the RSA he was awarded Honour Membership in April 2000.   Jack was 94 in October 2011 and although he is now unable to attend regular Branch Meetings he was enthusiastically applauded when he was able to attend the 75th Anniversary Dinner.

                  Mr Cyril Cooke

Past Branch President, was awarded Honour Membership for his 30 years service as Branch Secretary and enthusiastic involvement in all aspects of the Branch and the Royal Signals Association.

                  Mr Fred Alexander BEM

A former member of the White Helmets, he was awarded Honour Membership for his work as the Branch Visiting (Welfare) officer, regularly visiting members having difficulties through illness and disabilities and for his organisation of the Branch’s contribution to the Annual Poppy Appeal which, under his leadership, has increased the collections year on year. The amount of the collections in 2010 being in excess of £9300.


                In 2008 it was decided that the Branch would support a charity each year, starting with Help the Heroes in 2009, and the sum of £1,203 was raised.   The following years achieved these results:


2010    Great North Air Ambulance   £700.          2011    Macmillan Cancer Support   £700.         2012  Star & Garter   £500

2013    Butterwick Childrens Hospice   £600.      2014    British Heart Foundation £600.              2015  Gurkha Welfare Trust   £600

2016    ABF The Soldiers Charity   £600                2017    The Not Forgotten Association  £500    2018  NSPCC   £350 



          On 2nd July 2011 a formal dinner was held in the TA Centre Neasham Road to mark the 75th Anniversary of the Branch.  In attendance were over 120 members and ex-members of the Royal Signals and their partners.

          The Worshipful the Mayor of Darlington, Councillor Lee Vasey and her Escort, Councillor John Vasey, together with the Representative Colonel Commandant and former Signal Officer in Chief, Brigadier John Thomas MBE and his wife Janet were invited as guests.

           After dinner the Chairman gave a short history of the Branch and concluded by presenting the Mayor with a Corps Plaque.

           The Mayor responded with her thanks and a short speech, ending with her presenting the Branch with a Ships Decanter on an inscribed wooden base, which was warmly received by the Chairman.

          The Brigadier then followed with a brief resume of the state of the Corps and took great delight in being asked to present a 75-year pennant to be displayed with our Branch Standard.  He was ably assisted by founder member Jack Dobson to tie the pennant on to the top of the Standard.

          The Branch President was invited to “cut the cake” and then light music was played in the background as the evening slowly wound down over “happy memory” discussions.

 From its humble beginnings the Darlington Branch of the Royal Signals Association is now a thriving and vibrant concern looking forward to supporting its members and other ex-R Signals, and continuing its involvement in local events such as the Armed Forces Week, the Annual Poppy Appeal and Remembrance Day. 

    30th March 2019 

Commemoration Plaque Pictures in Proud Memory of Cpl Derek Wood and Cpl David Howes of the Royal Corps of Signals who were murdered in Belfast, Northern Ireland on Saturday 19th March 1988

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