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Served with Royal Signals?

RSBF logo smallThe Royal Signals Benevolent Fund helps Signallers and their dependants who are in situations of hardship or distress.

In the last three years we have granted close to £1 million to those in need. We deal with approximately two new cases every day. Visit the RSBF site to find out how you can be helped or how you can help us to help others.


Serving all Royal Signals Soldiers

The Royal Signals Association (RSA) exists to serve all members and ex-members of the Corps, whether young or not so young.   We welcome you to our site.  You can also find us on Facebook and in over 60 locations around the UK.

One of our aims to foster friendship among all members of our Corps family.

We are especially keen to provide more for younger members and appreciate any constructive ideas you may have to help us appeal to this group.


Comradeship is at the heart of The RSA

There are currently more than 60 branches of the Royal Signals Association nationwide. They operate autonomously. Most have lively, extensive programmes of events and activities.

Many meet at least monthly, have established committees and support the work of The Royal Signals, including RSBF fundraising.

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All regular, reserve and retired Royal Signals Corps Members are eligible for RSA Life Membership


Here for you

Looking after and supporting The Corps Family in times of need, hardship, difficulty or distress.


Something for everyone

From large scale events such as The RSA Weekend to flash mobs and monthly gatherings

Obituaries/Last Post

Certa cito

We pay our respects to Corps members past and present who have sadly passed away.

Royal Signals Benevolent Fund
  • £2m of grants awarded to those in need in the past 5 years
  • Significant sports grants
  • 100s of adventure training bids approved

Visit the RSBF site

RSBF - The  Corps' charity.

Royal Signals Institution

The Corps' Professional body

Royal Signals Museum

Proudly displaying Corps history and heritage

Montys Armoured Command Vehicle

Montys Armoured Command Vehicle


Royal Signals Publications
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  • The RSI newsletter

From Across The Corps

Countdown to the Corps Centenary








Royal Signals Benevolent Fund - Your Charity

Approx £1 million granted to Signallers in need in the last three years

Pennant of Merit for RSBF Fundraising


RSA submissions are  due annually in February for presentation of the Pennant at the AGM in March.

Only monies raised for RSBF can be taken into consideration

Presentation will take place during The AGM

More information available from the RSA Admin Officer