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Terry Hubbard

Terry Hubbard

Terry joined the Army in December 1958 as a gunner in the Royal Artillery, a couple of years later he transferred to the Royal Corps of Signals. Terry reached the rank of Corporal and left the Army having completed 12 years service.

  • Terry’s service
  • 2 Field Regt RA (Malaysia)
  • 11 sig Regt and 8 Sig Regt
  • 7 Sig Regt
  • Catterick (transit)
  • Aden Protectorates Levis Sig Sqn (APL)
  • 229 Sig Sqn Berlin
  • FRA signal sqn Aden
  • 47 Middlesex Sig Regt London
  • 4 Div Signal Regt
  • 11 Sig Regt training new recruits.

Terry saw active service in Malaysia and Aden and was awarded

John Ledger

John Ledger
John joined the army in mid 1958 aged 16 as part of Denbury Boys Service. He went on to the Regulars in 1960. He trained as a Radio Relay Operator reaching the rank of Sergeant.

John’s Service

  • 7 Sig Regt, J troop 1 Sqn and was promoted to LCpl
  • 208 Sig Sqn (Malaysia)
  • 30 Sig Regt, Trials unit and was promoted to Cpl
  • 2 ADSR, 1 Sqn and was promoted to Sgt
  • School of Signals
  • 1 ADSR, 1 Sqn
  • School of Signals

He saw active Service in Malaysia and has the following awards:

Secretary/Media/Info (Treasurer)

Rob Moore

Rob Joined the Corps in 1984 and started as Radio Operator, after completing Class 1 he was asked to consider training as clerk due to a good performance when covering for an absence. Rob reach the rank of LCpl and served at the following locations.

  • 11 Signal Regiment (A1 Troop)
  • 8 Signal Regiment (D Sqn)
  • 7 Signal Regiment (6 Sqn)
  • 8 Signal Regiment (Schemes Troop)
  • 3 Armoured Division Signal Regiment (2 Sqn) Promoted to LCpl
  • 202 Signal Sqn
  • Op Granby
  • 13 Signal Regiment (RHQ)

Rob Served in the Gulf War on Op Granby and has the following awards.

  • Gulf War (90/91) with Clasp
  • Liberation of Kuwait (Saudi Arabia)
  • Liberation of Kuwait (Kuwait)

Standard Bearer



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