Royal Signals Gamers Network

Royal Signals Gamers Network

2020, a tumultuous year has been a blinding success for the Royal Signals Gamers Network. Rising from zero to over 300 members in 12 months and helping push the Army Esports Club to 2000 members.

The Army Esports League, known as the Lions League, has been a proving ground for the Royal Signals this year. The Corps achieved 1st place in Call of Duty Division One, 2nd place in Call of Duty Division Two and 1st and 6th place for the A and B teams in the CS:GO league. All of this was made possible by the herculean efforts of Sig George Dean and LCpl Karl Mensforth from 3 (UK) Division Signal Regiment as the team managers of COD and CS:GO respectively.

SSgt (YofS) Dene Ford, 2IC of the RSGN and a key member of the Army Esports Club personally took over management of the Lions League website. He has been instrumental in the growth of the website, to help create a one stop shop for all things esports.

Lastly, this year, LCpl Karl Mensforth was the lead ‘architect’ in spinning up the Heroes Cup. An Army run charity league for CS:GO and LoL . By drawing in outside partners such as Wifinity and some Veteran run companies such as TechVets and Ollywood he managed to raise £5011.25 for Help for Heroes. There was even an exhibition match against the Dutch Armed Forces!

As December moves forward please keep an eye out for The Gathering on the esports social medias and join in the RSGN Discord at the QR Code below.