Project 204

“By the Soldiers, for the Soldiers”

 A Centenary event to celebrate what is most important

Our People!

So What is it?

In August 2020 Soldiers of the Royal Signals will plan and deliver a 3-day music festival to celebrate 100 years of our Corps!

90 acres of Warwickshire countryside will be the setting, with entertainment catering for all but will of course focus on the music. We are planning a musical spectacle which will include acts ranging from serving soldier bands to world class artists and everything in-between.

Project 204 has its sights set on our soldiers. The motto for the project is “By the Soldiers, for the Soldiers” giving praise to what is most important – our people. The festival is inclusive to anyone who has an affiliation to the Corps including soldiers, officers, regular or reserve, our families and of course our veterans.

Why Project 204?

 Sir Winston Churchill signed the Royal Warrant which authorised the creation of the Royal Corps of Signals in 1920.  As the Secretary of State for War, Sir Winston occupied a small office simply titled Office 204 in what was the Old War Offices (now a luxury hotel!). Although modest in function it is likely that the Royal Warrant was signed in Office 204 and therefore in a sense the birth place of The Royal Corps of Signals.

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