Nordic Skiing

Challenging, Intense, Rewarding

The majority of Team GB’s Nordic athletes come from the Army

Two disciplines, one great sport

Competitive at every level

Classic Cross-Country skiing

Fixed tracks, variable terrain

Cross-country skiing (also referred to as Nordic skiing) is the oldest form of skiing. Competitors ski in fixed tracks, racing against one another across varying cross-country terrain at set distances.

It’s a challenging and demanding sport but a fantastic skill to have. A completely different sport to Alpine skiing – no lifts for starters. Expect to go uphill as well as down and, because skis are lightweight,  thin and not fully attached to the boot, downhill gradients present their own challenges – even for accomplished Alpine skiers.

Army Royal Signals Nordic Skiing
Army Royal Signals Nordic Skiing

Biathlon, an Olympic sport since 1960

Ski, skate, shoot

The Biathlon combines the physicality of cross-country skiing with the precision of shooting. All cross-country skiing techniques are permitted but In Biathlon events athletes race against one another whilst typically employing the skating technique (a side to side movement similar to that used in ice skating) and carrying a rifle on their backs.

At set points in the race, competitors engage targets on the shooting range and receive penalties for the number of targets missed. The penalties usually take the form of either added time or additional skiing.  The winner? The skier with the fastest time.


Everybody’s got to start somewhere…

There are plenty of opportunities for newbies to learn how to ski and to improve their skills along the way. Nordic skiing isn’t an easy option, it does require good levels of fitness and determination but it is hugely rewarding.

Let the competition begin

Rewards, prizes, recognition

Novices who are completely new to the sport compete against one another, vying for a multitude of novice and age-group related prizes. Intermediate skiers can push themselves anywhere up to National level; indeed the majority of Team GB’s Nordic athletes come from the Army.

Nordic Skiing

Army Royal Signals Nordic Skiing

Get qualified

Typically, training camps will take place over November to December in order to prepare competitors for the upcoming races. The qualifying competitions (Ex SPARTAN HIKE and Ex PIPEDOWN) take place annually in mid-January. Here, units compete to qualify for the Army Championships which take place at the beginning of February.

Ski overseas

Those who compete in the sport get considerable opportunities to travel to different countries including Norway, Austria, Germany and France. What are you waiting for? To find out more simply ask your unit rep or get in touch via the Contact’ form below.

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