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If demanding rides and navigating tough technically challenging terrain – both up and down hills and mountains appeals – then think about joining Royal Signals Mountain Biking.  We’re a friendly, positive group of riders and welcome new, upcoming riders and established riders alike.

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80km of endurance, adrenaline and excitement

Ex LAPIERRE RIDER and the Portes Du Soleil is an 80Km Endurance event that spans the mountains of Morzine, France. This challenging event sees riders transition between checkpoints, riding the best trails on offer across the stunning mountain ranges with opportunities either side of the exercise to ride the bike parks and progress your skills – all in a friendly, positive team environment.

Royal Signals Mountain Biking offers a positive friendly atmosphere that welcomes new and upcoming riders and existing rider alike.

Mountain Biking is not only a fantastic sport but opportunities exist to take courses such as Mountain Bike Leaders course – aimed at those riders who seek to lead others as well as regular Adventurous Training expeditions.

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Open to all riders of every level of ability

The Royal Signals Mountain Biking Club covers all levels from beginners to advanced. There are even Signallers who compete at Army Level for Cross Country and Endure.

We bring together riders of all abilities to train, compete and win at competitions nationwide. Every year we conduct training camps in Scotland and Wales and help all to reach new heights and embrace an array of challenges. .A number of riders compete in the Inter Services Cross Country Championships as well as in a number of civilian races throughout the year. We also organise an annual tour to France to take part in the renowned Portes Du Soleil event.

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