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Opportunities for beginners and experienced martial arts practitioners to progress.


Mixed martial arts training is offered at in the Blandford Activity Centre and there are various Army Martial Arts opportunities. To find out more contact Capt Stephen Gibbons via the Contact us form below.

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Martial Arts

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Useful links

Army Martial Arts Association – hold a series of events throughout the year.

World Taekwondo Federation – Keep up to date with news, rules, competitions and more

Overton Taekwondo for families and Service Personnel

A number of Karate courses – novice and development can be found within the Defence Intranet system (DII).   



Interested in martial arts?

Develop fitness and confidence through combat skills

The Art of the possible – Taekwondo, Karate, Kendo, Jiu Jitsu


Army Karate Squad 2017

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