Royal Signals – Soldier first

We are the leaders in a digital age and that is largely thanks to the superb work that our IT leaders and Managers carry out.

What do IT Managers do?

IT Managers control the processes for information flow. Crucially they ensure that our information is in the right place and accessible to the right people at the right time. The impact of getting this wrong is enormous so it’s crucial we have trained, talented people leading the way.

Naturally processes and systems change continually but we have ongoing training to ensure our soldiers always have the right qualifications.

Soldier first

Being a soldier is the key responsibility of anyone serving in the Army.

All who join will go through Phase One Training; this provides trainees with the essential skills they need to be a professional soldier. You'll get to understand just how important team work is and, among other things, you'll learn essential field skills such as living out of a Bergen (rucksack), cooking rations and safely operating a weapon. This initial training will give you the discipline and confidence to succeed as a soldier, in your trade training and beyond. 

Currently there are six trade options available to those who join the the Royal Corps of Signals. As we move further into the digital age, where communication and communications remain at the forefront of all we do, the way we work and the training we undertake is constantly evolving to keep pace with the demands of modern technology and warfare.