Defend – Dribble – Drive

The Golden Game

With GB Women taking their third Olympic medal and first ever Gold in Rio there’s never been more of a buzz around this fast-paced, dynamic team game.

Royal Signals Hockey is a friendly, inclusive club and are especially keen to sign-up new talent. Corps Hockey currently fields three squads – Mens, Ladies and Seniors but there are plenty of opportunities to play at all levels. Most Royal Signals Regiments have teams entered into their regional Inter-Unit league giving plenty of opportunity to play and train at all levels.

Beyond play

There are Coaching and Umpiring courses available enabling you to become a core component within the Royal Signals Hockey culture.


Hockey & Hockey Tour

Mens - Ladies - Seniors

Key Events

September Signals Cup – Inter Unit competition and talent spotting for the Corps Club.

September/October – Inter Corps Indoor Championships.

October to May – League events including  Inter Corps  and South and Midlands Inter Unit leagues.

May – Inter Corps Outdoor Championships.




Chairman – Lt Col C Lewin

Mens Secretary – Capt G Maas

Ladies Secretary – SSgt FofS(IS) Phillippo

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