Put your career in gear with The Royal Signals

We don’t have a driver trade but we do need people to drive in trade. All our equipment needs to be mobile and that requires vehicles. We need people to be qualified to drive those vehicles and that’s where you come in.

Ranging from a Land Rover, as a Communications Systems Operator, to a 15T Man truck, as a Communications Logistic Specialist, the Corps will train you and give you the licences you require; these include:

  • C+E for all trades other than Installation Technician
  • B+E if you are an Installation technician
  • H for our Communications Systems Operator (CS Ops)
  • D1 for Communications Logistic Specialist (CLS).

Also available to CLS are Forklift and HAZMAT qualifications as these are needed for the varied roles you will fulfil in this trade.

Steer your career with Royal Signals

In the Royal Signals not only do you get the opportunity to be a driver but you’ll be qualified to be, and to do, so much more.

Our drivers are all first and foremost soldiers – skilled, professional, qualified.

All our drivers learn a trade – that involves undertaking an apprenticeship in any one of six key roles. Importantly your skills and qualifications will be recognised within and beyond the Army too. What’s more we not only pay for your training, you’ll earn a decent wage, have good promotion prospects and transferable skills that businesses beyond the Army look for.