Head for Heights?

Test your stamina, strength and skill

With Climbing and bouldering

Single Pitch - Bouldering - Sport Climbing

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Single Pitch Climbing

Great for beginners

Fun and safe, Single Pitch sport climbing routes can be anything from 6m to 30m and are normally designed to be led from the ground up.

Many of the routes indoors are setup as top roped climbs to make the sport safe and accessible for beginners.

Sport Climbing

Endurance, stamina, skill

Sport Climbing is an endurance based climbing activity which may either be sustained at a certain hardness throughout or have key crux sections that form the hard point of the route.

It is performed both inside and out,  is a safe form of route climbing and is relatively easy to get into.


Problem solve?

Bouldering is based around one to four short hard routes up to four metres off the ground. No ropes or harnesses are used – as you’re seldom far from the ground and are well protected by large crash mats. Bouldering can be performed indoors or out and is the most accessible climbing sport to get into as it requires minimal equipment. Cimbing shoes, chalk and a bouldering mat is all that is required to take the sport outdoors.

All over body workout

Bouldering routes are known as problems with the key to ‘problem solving’ a combination of technique, power and agility. The grades and styles of climbing are very varied and it is a great way to practice climbing techniques and train climbing specific strength.  At the harder grades, bouldering turns into an all over body workout that that involves balance, co-ordination, finger strength, pulling power and mental agility.


Competition Time

Army competitions for sport climbing revolve around the Regional Army competitions, the Army climbing competition, and Inter-service competition.

Climbing and Bouldering League

Dates to be announced.



Outdoor Climbs

Indoor Climbing


Climbing and The Corps

Open to men and women

Currently there are no Corps level competitions or training activities but there are a number of Climbers within The Corps so if you would like to join us or simply find out more get in touch via the contact form below.

Army and Tri-service Competitions

Sport Climbing and Bouldering are represented at Tri-service and Army levels. There are many service events but it can be difficult to find them unless you know where to look so do get in touch and we’ll let you know what’s happening.

Army competitions for bouldering revolve around the Tri-service bouldering league that runs every winter.  The Army bouldering competition runs alongside the Army Climbing competition.


Adventurous Training and Climbing

Many units include climbing as part of Adventurous Training (AT). Climbing as part of AT tends to be geared more towards outdoor climbing than the training and development required for the competitions but it can be a great way to get a feel for the sport.

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