Royal Signals Clay shooting is inclusive of all ranks, there is a well-structured pathway from novice to expert shot.

At Army level the sport is dominated by the Corps.

Clay Shooting

Royal Signals – The current Army Clay Shooting champions

Clay Shooting – An inclusive sport, a well-structured pathway

Your trajectory to a great sport

Royal Signals Clay Target Shooting is inclusive of all ranks, genders and abilities.  Corps reserve units are as engaged as Regular Royal Signals units, furthermore each unit sends many teams to Corps shooting events.

The good news for anyone interested in the sport is that there is a well-structured pathway from novice to expert shot.  Thanks to carefully targeted funding, there are now numerous instructors and coaches equipped to deliver National Clay Target Shooting qualifications to our shooters of all abilities.

Clay Target Shooting is one of the fastest growing non-contact sports in the Army

Competition Time

Royal Signals Clay Target Team competing at Nottingham

Targeted funding has facilitated the training of instructors and coaches able to deliver National Clay Target Shooting qualifications
Clay Target Shooting

Precision and expertise

Corps domination

The ranks of the Army Team are swollen by Royal Signals clay shooters. Consequently at Army level the sport is dominated by the Corps. If you wish to shoot for the Corps or the Army, there really is nothing standing in your way.

Investing in success

Time to pull?

The Royal Corps of Signals boasts active Clay Target grounds at the following units:

  • 11th (Royal School of Signals) Signal Regiment – Blandford.
  • 14th Signal Regiment  – Brawdy.
  • 1st/16th/22nd Signal Regiments – Stafford Defence Intelligence School (DISC) – Chicksands.

Excellent Opportunities

Accessible to all.

Through generous funding provided by the Royal Signals Games Club and supported by The RSBF, the Corps Clay Target Team is able to provide excellent shooting opportunities at both unit grounds and many premier civilian clay grounds. There is a thorough and very active calendar of shooting events. The generous funding makes this otherwise prohibitively expensive sport accessible to all and typifies the Corps ethos of investing in success.

Skilled and equipped

Competent and confident.

Clay shooting skills cross over to a Signallers day job. Through the sport soldiers become familiar – and later competent – with a new shooting system. As a result they gain elevated confidence in gun handling and application of fire. As these benefits are recognised at the highest levels there is currently a campaign to endorse Clay Target Shooting as Individual Collective Training; we will keep you posted. If successful this will attract further funding for the sport.

Royal Signals Clay Shooting

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