Tennis Centenary Tour

CC100 Tour Overview

The Tennis Team are looking to take 10 players including 3 player / coaches to Rennes, France to conduct a week of singles and doubles coaching culminating in a competition against the French Signals. We will be staying at Ecole des Transmissions, the French School of Signals, and playing at a local tennis club to the north of Rennes. The club has 3 indoor and 3 outdoor clay courts; a surface that most of the team have never experienced. R SIGNALS Tennis have built a very good rapport with the French and they are happy to welcome us back having first conducted this trip in 2017 and continuing this every year since. We will also take advantage of being in France to conduct a battlefield visit to Normandy during the week to promote awareness of Corps and general military history.

Sport Overview

Royal Corps of Signals Tennis can be traced back to 1922. Today the team is growing in numbers with our core team sitting around 25 players with another 15 who sit on the fringe, doing their best to dip in and out when available. Over the last 30 years we have won almost every competition format, most recently winning the Inter-Corps One Day Summer Tournament with the team comprising of Lt Col Ollie Gardner, Sgt Ahmed Gyamfi, Sgt Ollie Neeve and Cpl James Maosa.

Recent Sporting Success

The Corps Team finished joint 5th in this year’s Summer League and were runners up in the Inter-Corps One Day Summer Tournament, following on from a 3rd place finish in the Winter Tournament.  Lt Sam Robbins has been selected for the Army B Squad after making the semi-finals of this year’s Army Championships.