Mountain Biking Centenary Tour

CC100 Tour Overview

Focusing on the Enduro discipline, the Royal Signals Mountain Biking team intends to compete in CrankWorx Whistler, during a two week period in August 2020. Hosted annually in Canada, the event is comprised of a series of races where the biggest names and brands in the sport get together to create an awesome stage upon which to compete; this is the place to be. Royal Signals Mountain Biking intends to deploy 10 soldiers to firstly meet with the 39th Royal Canadian Signals unit, based in Vancouver, furthering our ties with our Canadian counterparts. From there, the team heads for Crankworx, setting up camp in Whistler village. With 2020 season pretraining commencing in January, we aim to be competitive in four key events.Corps soldiers have links into some of the top teams in the sport who will be at the event in 2020 and this could be ideal opportunity for sponsors to be recognised on a range of social media feeds. Further, if we are able to field a competitive team, we will be broadcast live over the internet on RedBull TV as has happened in previous years.   For any sponsor this is a fantastic opportunity to be recognised as a key partner with the Royal Signals in the fastest growing sport across the MOD. 

Sport Overview

Mountain biking (MTB) has been a Corps sport for several years now and covers the disciplines of Cross Country (XC) and Enduro. Whilst XC often provides a physical and mental challenge, Enduro seeks to push riders to their physical and mental limits, testing their courage racing downhill. The trails are demanding and there is nothing quite like riding a bike in excess of 50mph. With more than 200 active MTBers in Royal Signals units today, it remains the fastest growing sport across the MOD.

Recent Sporting Success
  • Callum Gurney – British Army Enduro Team
  • Podium finishes – Inter-Services Downhill Championship 2019 in male and female categories; Cpl Joe Easter and LCpl Alex Hodgson.
  • 5th Team (Royal Signals Enduro) – Inter-Services Downhill Championship 2019.
  • Callum Gurney – top 10% from 1500 riders in the 2019 Megavalanche – France.