Hockey Centenary Tour

CC100 Tour Overview

RSHC looks to complete an overseas hockey tour to Cape Town, South Africa 15-24 May 20. The aim is to take 20 players, 12 Men 8 Ladies (although exact numbers may change) we have booked the pitch out for 3 games and 3 training sessions. The games will be conducted as a mixed team against local university opposition in and around Camp Town arranged by Guilliver’ Travels. The rest of the tour will involve excursions to Table Top Mountain, Robben Island, Surf lesson, Langa Township Tour and Lunch and 2 game drives at Aquilia Game Lodge. Whilst on tour we plan to meet with the British Defence Staff or conduct a visit to a war grave although this is to be confirmed.

Sport Overview

Hockey has been played at various level in the Army since the early 1900`s. The Army Hockey Club is believed to be the oldest competitive trophy in the world with Unit entries dating back to 1909. We have no accurate records as to when the Royal Signals started playing however a current member remembers playing for the Corps in the early 1960`s. This highly competitive and prized trophy was won by 8 Signal Regiment (Catterick) in 1975. Since that date 11 Signal Regiment has won this coveted cup on 6 separate occasions. The Corps team has also won the high-profile Army Hockey Association Inter Corps Tournament in 2010 and again in 2019.  Hockey within the Army is a Synopsis sport and the Corps now participates at Ladies, Senior and Master (Over 35) levels. Figures vary on the number of participants each year however the RSHC has held an Inter Unit Tournament (Signals Cup) for the last 12 years with an average participation of around 100 players plus team coaches and match officials.

Recent Sporting Success

Individual Corps Hockey players have recently been representing England and the Army at World and European levels. The Corps Hockey Teams are the current Army Hockey Association (AHA) Indoor Trophy holders (Ladies) and the 2019 Outdoor Trophy Holders (Men).