Golf Centenary Tour

CC100 Tour Overview

Royal Signals Golf will celebrate the Corps centenary by attempting to create a Ryder Cup style competition held at the world-famous Celtic Manor Resort Wales, in June 2020. 48 Players from across our Regular, Reserve and Retired cohort including past chairman, secretaries and captains will be split into 2 teams; Officers & WO’s vs Other Ranks.  Day one will see the 48 play a pairs match on the legendary 2010 course.  This will be followed by a formal diner that evening held in the Samuel Ryder suit inside the 2010 club house potentially with a guest speaker (Tommy Fleetwood).  The second day will see all 48 players out on the challenging Montgomery course playing their singles matches.  A trophy will be designated to the competition with the Centenary to mark its inauguration which will then be played for every year.

Sport Overview

For as long as golf has been played within the Army it is believed the Royal Signals have played an active part.  Over the past 10 years the Royal Signals has been the Army Champions 4 years in a row and competed into either the semi’s or final’s when they have not been crowned the winners.  With Circa 300 active members who regularly participate throughout the year in Regimental, Corps and Army level events the sport is extremely popular.

Recent Sporting Success

The Royal Signals can currently boast a significantly large proportion of the Army squad with 4 members coming from the Corps.  This includes Maj Robert Pace who has been the Army Captain for the past 3 years.  The Corps Squad are always seen as significant contenders at Army level competitions.  Last year the Royal Signals won 10 of their 11 matches against other cap badges, an achievement unmatched by any other.