Carp Angling Centenary Tour

CC100 Tour Overview

France offers some of the best Carp Angling opportunities in the world! The experience, training value and quality of angling is something that simply can’t be matched in the UK. The Corps Team is now at the highest standard it has ever been and events such as this are responsible for raising the bar and developing our anglers, leading to our win at the most prestigious event in the Army Carp Calendar 2019. 14 serving members will take part in this Overseas Sports Visit. We are planning to compete against close partner European allies.

Sport Overview

A highly competitive sport with some very experienced anglers in the Corps. We have 98 members in our Corps group and fish x4 Corps level fixtures each year. We have high recruiting stats amongst jnr soldiers and this sport offers a unique compensating measure to Operational commitments. We fish in line with the Army Angling Federation Gp 8 (Carp Section) rules and are held in high regard by the fisheries we compete at.  Our sport has grown steadily within the Corps since 2006 and has expanded in the last 5yrs due to advertising and social media.

Recent Sporting Success

This year has seen one of our Corps anglers representing the UK Armed Forces against Scotland and Wales. The Royal Signals Carp Team won the Inter Corps Carp Championships 2019. Sgt Ben Bentley finished Top Rod in the British Army 2019.