Certa Cito 100

Royal Signals Centenary Expedition

Communicating Information

The World Over

Challenge – Communicate – Celebrate

Starting in January 2020, 430 officers and soldiers from 24 separate Units and Corps clubs will begin a 6-month adventure that will see them journeying around the world conducting arduous and demanding Adventurous Training and sporting expeditions. Our adventure is affectionately termed ‘Around the World with Jimmy’ – a nod to our use throughout our 100 year history of the term ‘Jimmy’ as our informal name for Mercury, messenger of the Gods. The journey begins in Australasia, tracks west to South America, returns east to Africa before heading further east to Asia. The adventure continues in North America before a brief visit to the Arctic Circle and onward to Europe before a final channel crossing. The challenge will conclude with an endurance run along the south coast to Blandford and finish on the Corps’ Birthday weekend 27/28 June 2020.

Along the way our Jimmy’s will be pushing themselves physically and mentally, up mountains, down rivers, across seas, over tracks and navigating their way through airports, medical plans and unfamiliar terrain. We will connect our Jimmy’s with our commonwealth partners and our sponsors and will celebrate our heritage be that with services of remembrance or through local engagement. We will also be showcasing our skills as Leaders in a Digital Age by testing and communicating news and progress using an array of commercial and military equipment. We even have plans to use heliographs as we celebrate our history!

Our plan is to capture and promote our adventure online via the Corps webpage and our Royal Signals social media channels @R_Signals. We will be sharing our preparation, our launch event in January, news, interesting information about those involved and details of our sponsors here.

Exercise Overviews