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Into The Ring

Established in May 2012 The Royal Signals Boxing Association (RSBA) promotes boxing within the Corps. It also serves as a forum for elite level boxers from within The Corps to continue their sport when they return from Army level boxing.


Henry Wharton presents a night of Amateur Boxing

Three fighters from the Royal Signals Boxing Team  competed in amateur bouts on Saterday 18th November.   The matched fighters were LCpl Wright (2SR), LCpl Tilley (16SR) and LCpl McCutcheon (2SR). 

England Boxing Development Championships 

On 28th October 2017 LCpl Wright of  The 2nd Signal Regiment competed in the final of the England Boxing Development Championships.   LCpl Wright narrowly missed out after David Thompsomn from Golden Gloves was awarded contentious split decision win.

Pte Brown, adopted Royal Signals’ boxer of the AGC and from 1st Signal Regiment made it to the semi-finals before  losing to a split decision against Timon Douglin of Whitley Boxing Club.

Congratulations to both boxers!!!

Royal Signals Boxing Championships

After a sabbatical of more than 90 years the Signals Boxing Championships re-emerged in April 2012.  Hosted by 30 Signal Regiment the event has grown year on year.  Not only does it give boxers the opportunity to be crowned Corps Champions, but the Inter Unit element gives both units and coaches the opportunity to fight it out. The Corps Championships also provides an opportunity for the Corps Coaches to talent spot and to select a team to prepare, train, compete and deliver the knock-out blow  in the Army Championships. Pictured above – centre – Signaller Shanice James of 54 Squadron, 37 Signal Regiment. Shanice is both a National and Combined Services champion and in 2016 recorded a unanimous points win during her England v Kazakhstan match in Finland.


Fantastic Facilities

From cooking in the kitchen to hooking in the ring?

The Corps’ continuing and ever growing success is ultimately due to the superb facilities at Bramcote. The Corps Gym, previously a junior ranks kitchen, is an excellent resource, and has quickly become renowned as a Boxing Centre of Excellence – highly regarded at national level.

Home to Pros

Professional boxers, namely Martin Murray, Frankie Gavin and Tommy Langford have all used the facility at Bramcote as a base for their World Title Challenges, and they continue to do so.

Sgt Al Mousley is our link-man with the professional side of the sport; he is involved in World Championships Boxing and was part of the coaching team for Frankie Gavin in his IBF World Title fight against Kell Brook –  which was shown on Sky Sports.  The promotional training videos and interviews were also filmed at the venue in Bramcote.

Watch Again – Kell Brook V Frankie Gavin

The closing rounds…

The fight may not have gone Frankie’s way but when it comes to Royal Signals’ Boxing it seems that success breeds success. Undoubtedly Royal Signals Boxers account for a significant element of Army Boxing achievements.

Boxing - What You Should Know

Age - Experience - Weight

Within the Army, boxing ages reflect those of England Boxing. These are:

  1. Junior – deemed to be aged less than 17 years of age. Upon attaining his/her 17th birthday, an individual ceases to be a Junior boxer, irrespective of previous success in earlier rounds of current competitions.
  2. Youth – a boxer that is 17 years and whose 19th birthday does not fall within the current calendar year (18 yr old boxers who do not turn 19 years old in the calendar year may elect to box in the Elite category as of their 18th birthday).
  3. Elite – a boxer who is over 19 years of age (or reaches 19 within the next calendar year) and 40 or under within a calendar year or an 18 year old boxer who has elected to box within the Elite category.

The experience categories within the Army BA reflect, where possible, those of the National Governing Body (NGB) and are given as:

  1. Male Development Class ‘A’. A boxer with 0-10 bouts recorded on his Registration Card.
  2. Male Development Class ‘B’. A boxer with 11-21 bouts recorded on his Registration Card or a boxer who is adjudged to be above the prevailing standard and has been upgraded.
  3. Female Class A. A boxer with 0 – 6 bouts recorded on her Boxing Registration Card.
  4. Female Class B. A boxer with 7 -14 bouts recorded on her Boxing Registration Card.
  5. Male or Female Elite Class Boxer. A boxer who has entered an Open Championship or a boxer who has elected to box an Elite opponent.

Note: Pre-service experience (including junior bouts and all martial arts bouts) count towards a boxer’s experience category.

The following table lists the weight categories in which seniors can participate:

Light Flyweight Over 46kg, not to exceed 49kg
Flyweight Over 49kg, not to exceed 52kg
Bantamweight Over 52kg, not to exceed 56kg
Lightweight Over 56kg, not to exceed 60kg
Light Welterweight Over 60kg, not to exceed 64kg
Welterweight Over 64kg, not to exceed 69kg
Middleweight Over 69kg, not to exceed 75kg
Light Heavyweight Over 75kg, not to exceed 81kg
Heavyweight Over 81kg, not to exceed 91kg
Super Heavyweight Over 91kg

The following table lists the weight categories in which females can participate.

Light Flyweight Over 45kg, not to exceed 48kg
Flyweight Over 48kg, not to exceed 51kg
Bantamweight Over 51kg, not to exceed 54kg
Featherweight Over 54kg, not to exceed 57kg
Light weight Over 57kg, not to exceed 60kg
Light Welterweight  Over 60kg, not to exceed 64kg
Welterweight Over 64kg, not to exceed 69kg
Middleweight Over 69kg, not to exceed 75kg
Light Heavyweight  Over 75kg, not to exceed 81kg
Heavyweight Over 81kg

Royal Signals Accolades

L/Cpl Turbitt – crowned English Champion and combined services champion in January 2016

2017 successes included:

Combined Services Development Champions

  • Sgt Kavanagh
  • LCpl Wright 2SR
  • Pte Brown (AGC) 16SR

Army Champions 

  • Sgt Kavanagh
  • Pte Brown (AGC) 16SR

Army Finalists

  • Cpl Winson 16SR

Corps Champions

  • Light LCpl Buwan Rana 30SR
  • Light Welter LCpl Mabin Gurung 2SR
  • Welter Sig Malin 16SR
  • Welter Female LCpl Purdon 2SR
  • Middle Cpl Winson 16SR
  • Light Heavy Cpl Parry 16SR
  • Heavy Cpl Hansen 30SR
  • Super Heavy LCpl Cammiss 2SR

Team Champions – 2nd Signal Regiment

The future of Boxing within the Corps is extremely bright – Corps Championships took place in March and The Corps continues to deliver EX BRAMCOTE BOXER twice yearly,  Planning is also underway for Corps boxers to attend the famous training locations in California, in the near future.

Contact Royal Signals Boxing

Those wishing to know more about the sport, or be a part of it’s growing success should use the contact form below to get in touch via our secretary Capt Pete Watson.