BMX Racing

BMX Racing - The High-Intensity Olympic Event

For hard-core cyclists

From Zero To Hero In A Heartbeat!

BMX bikers - the most powerful cyclists in the world

Dare to be different?


Have you got what it takes to ride the challenge?

BMX Racing is an Olympic sport sees eight men / women fly round a track at speeds of up to 25mph negotiating tight turns, hazardous jumps and fearsome competitors. With tracks nationwide there’s never been a better time to get aboard a BMX and experience the ride of your life!

BMX Racing, not for the feint-hearted!

Risky – Intense – Gritty


Beginners Welcome

The adrenaline filled action takes place over a 400m lap with power peaks in excess of 3000 watts.

It’s not unknown for novices to make it to the British Champs within a year!

Typically we meet once every six weeks. Interested? Speak to your unit cycling reps or get in touch using the contact form below.