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Time to give your career a sporting chance?

Soldier first

Those with sporting prowess are well supported

It’s not possible to just be an athlete within The Royal Signals. All Signallers are soldiers first but you will get lots of opportunity to pursue a variety of sports at all levels.

We offer a choice of six trades or, if you have the right qualifications and aptitude, you can apply to join as an Officer. Unlike many other jobs, in the Army those with sporting prowess are well supported in their pursuit of excellence.

Naturally we encourage sport within and beyond The Corp and offer lots of opportunities to try new sports too. Some of our soldiers compete at the very highest levels both nationally and internationally. We have players gaining caps and other honours for their country and have even had Olympic medal winners.

Enthusiasm, expertise, excellence.

There is plenty of opportunity to participate in a host of sports as an individual, team member or both.

There really is something for everyone. We have more than 30 sports on offer and cover everything from Athletics to Volleyball. You don’t have to be an expert either, as most sports cover all abilities from beginners and novices though to advanced and elite.

Encouraging the elite

Helping you achieve.

If you’re especially proficient or well-qualified The Corps will do what they can to help. We have a number of sportsmen and women across the very many disciplines who represent The Corps, The Army, Inter-services and even their country. Subject to operational requirements, if you’re an elite sports person we’ll support you to be the best.


Train, play, compete, coach.

The Corps offers excellent coaching and mentoring in a wide variety of disciplines both mainstream and niche. If sport is your bag you’ll certainly get plenty of opportunities to play. It’s not just about participating and competing either. If you want to train and qualify as a coach or become a referee just put yourself forward. What are you waiting for?

Army Phase One Training

Being a soldier is the primary responsibility of anyone serving in the Army. You can be accomplished as a sportsman, in any of our six trades but you will always be a soldier first.

All those who join go through Phase One Training. This provides everyone with the key skills needed to be able to conduct themselves in the field. Challenges and tasks will include living out of a Bergen, cooking rations and operating a weapon. You’ll learn to keep your room in order and kit tidy too. We even teach you how to iron properly!

The fundamentals you learn in Phase One Training will give you the discipline and confidence to succeed in your trade training and beyond.

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