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About Royal Signals Trustee Ltd

Royal Signals Trustee Ltd (RSTL) comprises of:

  • Royal Signals Association (RSA). The RSA supports friendship and comradeship across and between the serving and retired communities.
  • Royal Signals Benevolent Fund (RSBF), this is The Corps’ charity. Broadly speaking The RSBF has two key purposes: supporting morale and efficiency of The Corps and supporting serving and retired,Signallers and their dependants who are in situations of hardship, need or distress.
  • The Royal Signals Institution (RSI); the professional body of the Royal Corps of Signals.

We support a range of Corps activities including The Museum, sport and Adventurous Training.

The Boards’ Trustees are drawn predominantly from serving and retired members of The Corps. They meet twice a year but will hold additional meetings or form sub-committees should the need arise.

Royal Signals Trustee Ltd – swift and sure support for The Corps

Royal Signals Trustee Ltd

Enduring friendships, resolute bonds and the extra mile..

The Corps is thriving, brimming with activity. Speak with any Royal Signals soldier – it is immediately apparent just how talented they are.  Not only are Signallers highly trained, capable, professionals doing an essential and demanding job but that they have an extraordinary amount of talent and skill.

In conversation the typical Royal Signals soldier will say “I just…” and the rest of the audience will sit jaw-droppingly agog at what “I just…” comprises!

Royal Signals Trustee Ltd


 A word of thanks

A huge thank you to all those members of the Corps family who have contributed material to the site, who have taken on the editing of a page or help or support in any way. Your knowledge, enthusiasm and all-round helpfulness has been invaluable. 

The experience of youth

A special thank you to the straight-talking phase two trainees; the digital by birth generation. In workshop sessions they helpfully expressed what they expect from a website, giving useful pointers and ideas to help shape the way the site was developed.


Royal Signals Trustee Ltd

Supporting those in need and fundraising

We are wholeheartedly grateful to those soldiers, individuals and communities who support us.

We have a growing base of former Signallers and a shrinking number of serving soldiers, yet calls, especially on The RSBF for benevolence, are growing. One case in ten is for a serving soldier, two thirds of those we help are aged under 65.  We’ve granted close to £2 million in benevolence in the past five years. We don’t undertake case-work but case workers, who work speedily to assess need, then approach us for financial support for that individual. Confidentiality prevents us from saying who we help. Some of those we help allow us to share their story. If we think it may expose or leave an individual or their family in a vulnerable position, we will not share their information despite being authorised by them to do so.

We rely on donations, legacies and fundraising to help us help others. Please, if you’re looking to help a charity do consider helping The RSBF – we very much want to ensure we remain in a position to help those who need us. We’ve even developed an Inspiration Station, brimming with fundraising ideas; do check it out now.

 Royal Signals Photography - Supported by Mike Williams Photography


Professional, imaginative, creative

Mike Williams is a professional photographer who ingeniously and creatively captures the mood and atmosphere of any occasion whether in The Mess, at an event or out and about on operational exercises. Mike can be booked for photo shoots. His work (including some of the images on this website) is available to purchase from his website www.photographybymikewilliams.co.uk

*Please note, images on this website are protected by copyright. It is an offence to download or reproduce images without permission.