About RSTL

About Royal Signals Trustee Ltd

Royal Signals Trustee Ltd (RSTL) comprises of:

  • Royal Signals Association (RSA). The RSA supports friendship and comradeship across and between the serving and retired communities.
  • Royal Signals Charity (RSc), this is The Corps’ charity. Broadly speaking The RSC has two key purposes: supporting morale and efficiency of The Corps and supporting serving and retired, Signallers and their dependents who are in situations of hardship, need or distress.
  • The Royal Signals Institution (RSI); the professional body of the Royal Corps of Signals.

We support a range of Corps activities including The Museum, sport and Adventurous Training.

The Boards’ Trustees are drawn predominantly from serving and retired members of The Corps. They meet twice a year but will hold additional meetings or form sub-committees should the need arise.

Royal Signals Trustee Ltd – swift and sure support for The Corps