About Royal Signals

Every single operation including those involving special forces, requires Royal Signals.

The Royal Corps of Signals is a crucial combat support arm. Without communications it would be impossible to win wars. Communications enables:

Intelligence to be gathered

Battle space to be identified

Commanders to command and take control of their forces and environment

No matter how demanding and challenging the operation, including those involving special forces, Royal Signals input and presence is essential throughout.

The work of The Royal Signals is increasingly complex and sophisticated.

The Royal Corps of Signals is responsible for all communications, information systems and networks in the operational environment, including on the battlefield. The work of The Corps includes:establishing and maintaining tactical and strategic communications equipment and systems, together with all necessary applications, data and any software development in support of these.

The demands of an increasingly complex cyber landscape means the Corps has to be adaptive, proactive and forward leaning. Big data, the internet of things (IoT) and robotics are changing the way The Corps works. Communications and networks are constantly under challenge and threat. Secure networks are essential but securing networks is no longer sufficient. The proliferation of the IoT means many billions of devices are at risk of cyber attack. If the threat is ignored we risk the enemy taking control of the very devices that are used on the battlefield, and so the work of The Royal Signals is increasingly complex and sophisticated.








First in to battle, last out

As a consequence Royal Signals are always among the first into battle and the last out. Even when there are no large scale operations in the headlines, such as those in Afghanistan or Iraq, a significant number of Royal Signals soldiers remain operationally deployed across the globe.

Much of the kit and systems are kept under wraps and on close hold. Often techniques that are used, such as analysing big data to spot ‘the signals’ within the noise, are known, but the nature of that data and subsequent analysis and actions can not be openly shared or discussed. Keeping systems and operations secret means even within the Corps, much of the work will be on a strict ‘need to know’ basis.

Royal Signals’ soldiers must remain educated about, trained in and prepared for the increasingly sophisticated demands of modern warfare. A plethora of opportunities exists at all levels and ranks, to meet the demands of a fast-paced, continually evolving, dynamic, digital environment.


Royal Signals App

If you are a serving or retired member of the Royal Corps of Signals, or have an interest in the organisation, download this app to keep in touch. Use the app to stay connected to social events, sports fixtures and keep up to date with the latest offers and opportunities.

Having this app on your phone will mean that for the first time, you will be able to get instant notifications from Corps Appointments/Personalities, the RSA & the Royal Signals Museum.

Key features include: 360 Tour, Videos, Events, Push notifications.

To download, iOS users can scan the QR code with either the camera on their phone or QR Code reader. Android users can type ‘Royal Signals’ into Google Play Store or scan QR Code.



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