Adventurous Training

Adventurous Training – What you should know

  • Expeditions and Exercises must be Type 3 as defined in AGAI Vol 1, Chapter 11, paragraph 11.011.
  • To be eligible for funding all R SIGNALS personnel on the nominal roll must pay in to One Day’s pay scheme. This will be checked!
  • The funding limit is £70 per person. Uplifts may be granted to an exercise if it is particularly interesting or challenging. Each request is looked at on an individual basis by the Regimental Secretary.
  • Eligible applications per calendar year are: four for a major unit, two for an independent squadron and one for an individual.

What doesn’t count as AT?

  • Cultural visits, these will not be funded, so please do not ask. However there is nothing to stop an Adventurous Training Expedition including them in an exercise. Any such visits, including any entrance fees must be self-funded.
  • Skiing and cycling are a particular grey area for Adventurous Training. If there is any competition or racing involved it is generally not considered to be AT.
  • Snowboarding is not considered under AT.

Any questions? Always happy to discuss…

If you have any questions or are seeking advice then please get in touch with Lowri Roberts in the first instance.

Lowri’s detals are:

E1 Staff Assistant HQ R SIGNALS
Griffin House, Blandford Camp, Blandford Forum, Dorset, DT11 8RH
Mil  94371 2616    Civ  01258 482616

The Spirit of Adventure

Adventurous training (AT) promotes team cohesion and leadership in a challenging environment – often coupled with enjoyment and fun along the way as teams work together to get the most out of the experience. AT is also attributed to the development of physical fitness and mental robustness, two vital soldiering attributes.

Soldiers at Machu Picchu in Peru on Ex Ausangate Tiger.