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‘Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to’
Richard Branson


Royal Signals soldiers are trained to the very highest standards. As well as training to be professional soldiers capable of dealing with the unexpected all are trade trained and gain nationally recognised qualifications too.


Learning is a continual process so it’s probably no surprise to hear that Soldiers in the Royal Signals are well supported in all aspects of learning. There’s a mix of formal and informal education and training, tailored to the individual, throughout their service.


Pay is extremely competitive – especially when promotion opportunities and associated benefits, that add real value to your pay packet, are factored in.

Cyber Engineer

Cyber Engineer

Install fibre networks underpinning Army global communications.
Electronic Warfare Signals Intelligence

Electronic Warfare Signals Intelligence

Intercept and attack enemy communications
Supply Chain Operative

Supply Chain Operative

The ‘Driving Force’ behind the Royal Signals
Power Engineer

Power Engineer

Vital battle-winning Electrical Infrastructure Management & Installation
Communications Troop Officer

Communications Troop Officer

Royal Signals Officers – Leaders in a Digital Age

COVID-19 Rejoiners Opportunity

In response to COVID 19, CGS directed that the Army reach out to former Service Personnel who have recently left to ensure they understood that the Army will accept rejoiners, and can do so quickly.  Where possible, the Army will seek to make rejoiners an offer of employment, providing them with financial and employment stability

Who can apply for the Fast Track Regular rejoiner scheme?

The criteria for Fast Track is a veteran (soldier and officer) who:

  • Left the (Regular) Army within the last 36 months
  • On leaving had a JMES grade of Medically Fully Deployable or Limited Deployable and can self-declare they have had no significant injury or illness as a veteran that would impact their JMES grading on rejoining the Army.
  • Wishes to return to the same Main Trade for Pay and capbadge.
  • Had at least 24 months remaining on previous engagement or commission.
  • Can declare they have no unspent convictions on a MOD 493.

Important FAQs

Is the policy timebound? These policy changes are timebound until 1 Jul 20, but will be routinely reviewed.

How long will it take from application to arrival in a Unit? The typical Time of Flight will be 4 weeks for a Fast Track candidate.  The typical time of flight for the standard rejoiner pathway is 8 weeks, but this can vary based on a number of factors, such as whether they need a face to face or specialist medical.

What are the main changes from the previous Fast Track Policy? Extension of time out of service from 12 months – 36 months and removal of the 37 years old upper age limit.

What is the upper age limit for rejoiners? 57 years old.    The retirement age for a soldier is 60, with a maximum age for entry to the Regular Army of 36.  A 24 year career on entry at age 36 would take them to 60.  An upper age limit of 57 provides rejoiners with the same opportunities and the ability to complete 1 tour of duty before retirement.

What are the terms and conditions for these rejoiners? A Fast Track rejoiner will typically be offered the same engagement as they were previously on. For example, if they had six years remaining on their Versatile Engagement (Short) when they left the Army, they would be offered the same engagement on their return. In some cases, a capbadge may wish to offer them a longer engagement from the outset. Soldier Rejoiners will not normally be required to commit to any period other than having to provide 12 months’ notice. Officers are committed to service for a minimum of three years.

Do they rejoin at the same rank they left, or do they come in at the bottom? Typically, Fast Track rejoiners will return at their previous rank. This will be confirmed by the APC on an individual basis based on a number of factors, such as skill fade, length of time since leaving and qualifications gained outside the Army.  If there isn’t space at their previous rank or trade, the capbadge will try and offer them an alternative. If there is no availability in their previous capbadge, a candidate can apply to join a new one.  Where possible the Army will try to find a rejoiner suitable re-employment.

What training will they require – and will it be the same for everyone or is it trade dependent? All rejoiners’ training is treated on a case-by-case basis, depending on their trade, role and length of time out the Army. Typically, a Fast Track rejoiner can return straight to the unit. Those rejoiners who have spent more time out the Army may have to do some additional training relevant to their role.  Any training can be completed once the rejoiner is back in the Army and they will not have to wait for course availability before they can rejoin.

Is there a website or email for those who want to enquire about rejoining? Yes – go to the Army Rejoiner webpage:  https://apply.army.mod.uk/how-to-join/entryoptions/regular-army-rejoiner or call the rejoiner team on 0345 600 8080.

Where can I find the policy? AGAI 40 Annex M (Sharepoint) or here for Defence Connect

 Is there any restrictions in place for rejoiners because of COVID 19? All rejoiners must be made aware that because of COVID 19:

  • Rejoiners with specific welfare or additional family support needs that require access to SFA immediately should look to rejoin under the AGAI 40 rejoiner pathway. They should not expect access to SFA or SSFA until after 1 Jul 20 with a further review on 30 Apr 20 to decide whether this period should be extended. Specific information at AGAI 40, Annex M, Appendix 4 .
  • All rejoiners will be required to undertake a 14 day isolation period on arrival at their new units. AGAI 40, Annex M, Para 36 (e) .
  • All rejoiners must complete a COVID – 19 self-declaration before being given authority to travel to their units. AGAI 40, Annex M, Appendix 2 .

Point of Contact:  WF Policy, SO2 Soldier Policy, Maj Rob Sharrock RE. Email:  robert.sharrock618@mod.gov.uk