39 Signal Regiment ‘Freedom of City’

39 Signal Regiment ‘Freedom of City’

South West-based Reserve unit 39 Signal Regiment   march through Bristol exercising ‘Freedom of City’ to celebrate Royal Signals 100

  • 150 soldiers from 39 Signal Regiment exercised its recently-awarded ‘privilege’ to march through the City of Bristol on Saturday 22nd Feb.
  • The parade was overseen by the Lord Mayor of Bristol to celebrate their right to march having been given freedom of the city in 2019, as well as celebrate the centenary of the Royal Signals in 2020, known as the ‘Royal Signals 100’.
  • The parade marched to city hall where a reception was held and hosted by Lord Lieutenant Mrs Peaches Golding OBE

Saturday was not a normal day in the city of Bristol as crowds were treated to the rare sight of 39 Signal Regiment marching through the streets. They were exercising their rights, having been given freedom of the City last year to celebrate their contribution to the city and to mark the Royal Signals’ centenary. Many civilians may think the British Army can parade anywhere it likes, but in rules that go back centuries, they have to be invited by local councils.  On the rare occasion they are awarded the freedom of a city it’s a very proud moment.

39 Signal Regiment have units based in Cardiff, Windsor, Bath and Bristol and are part of the British Army Reserves providing military communications support to HQ ARRC as part of 1 Signals Brigade throughout the south of England.

Lt Col Connelly, Commanding Officer, said after the parade: ‘It was wonderful to see so many of the public and the families of our reservists supporting our parade through Bristol today. It really emphasised the close links between the Regiment and the communities we serve. The Lord Lieutenant and Lord Mayor of Bristol emphasised these links in their kind words of thanks after the parade. Deputy Commander Field Army Major General Bill O’Leary made the point that it was great to see the parade consisted of serving personnel, cadets and veterans and so represented the past, present and future of the Royal Corps of Signals as we commemorate our centenary.’

LCpl Hazelgrove from 94 Sig Sqn based in Windsor and whose regular job is a manager in Next said: ‘What an amazing experience it was today, marching through Bristol, and the support was fantastic. This is so different to my day job which is one of the reasons why I love it so much. Joining the Army Reserve and in particular the Royal Signals was the best decision I ever made.’