Every reader of this website should be aware of the Royal Signals Benevolent Fund and of its purpose to relieve Signallers, past and present and their dependents from hardship and distress. During 2015 £332,280.23 was distributed to 553 applicants.

benevolentThese grants have been instrumental in providing electric scooters (3%), stair lifts (1%) and level access showers (2%), all enabling the beneficiaries to retain their independence and remain in their own homes. Numerous other types of assistance requested include help with priority bills (rent or utilities – 24%) clothing, emergency house repairs (12%), funeral expenses (9%) etc.

If you are the widow of a member of the Royal Corps of Signals, this fund is there for you as well as the servicemen and women. You are still a fully paid-up member of the regimental family. You have not been abandoned. Don’t suffer in silence. If you need help or, perhaps, just advice, contact Mrs Joyce Horne, our Association Welfare Officer, and she will contact RHQ on your behalf. And if you have settled overseas, RHQ’s arm is long and you also can apply for assistance.


A short sentence in the report by the Royal Signals Association Welfare Officer in her report in The Association and Retired Officers’ Newsletter, March 2014, jumps out of the page: ‘If you are aware of a former or present Signaller, or their widow or dependents, who are in condition of need, hardship or distress, please remind them of our existence’.

Major grants in previous years covered the purchase of a number of mobility scooters, stair lifts and level access showers. Other grants covered help with priority bills (rent or utilities), clothing, emergency house repairs etc.

If any member of the 19th Signal Regiment Association needs advice or financial assistance please don’t suffer in silence. Please contact Joyce Horne, our Association Welfare Officer, or any other member of the committee whose contact details you will find on page 2 of the Association Newsletter “The Bulletin” or contact your local Royal British Legion or SSAFA Case Officer for assistance.

I repeat the message above time and again but on this occasion it has been drawn to my attention that the Royal Signals Benevolent Fund relies for its income from serving members of the Corps who contribute a day’s pay each year and the many retired members who also subscribe regularly. Each edition of The Wire carries lists of donations made, often as contributions made on the death of members of the Corps or as legacies in wills. If any reader can assist in fund raising, please contact Herbie Herbert at Royal Signals Marketing, 01258-482819, or e-mail marketing@royalsignals.co.uk