RAF Seletar

A Short History

RAF Seletar was a Royal Air Force station in Singapore between 1928 and 1971, Seletar Troop, 19 Signal Regiment was based at the RAF base in Singapore.


Signing the peace agreement

RAF Seletar is based on the north of the island, it first became an airfield in 1928 and was one of the first places to be occupied by the Japanese land forces in the early part of the war in the Far East. During the war the base was occupied by the Japanese Navy Air Service, and  Seletar’s current runway was built during the Japanese Occupation.


After the war, the RAF re-occupied and in the late 1940s  and early 1950s the base carried out a key role in the Malayan Emergency. At that time Aircraft on the base were with Beaufighters, Spitfires and Mosquitos.


Following the introduction of helicopter squadrons during the 1960s, Westland Whirlwind helicopters were based there along with Blackburn Beverleys which played a key role with both Seletar troop and Ops and Malaysia troops of 19th Signal Regiment. The regiment was involved in the operations in North Borneo and these aircraft were involved in supporting operations during the confrontation. The helicopter squadrons also provided a search and rescue service for the Singapore area.  In December 1966 Andover aircraft arrived and regrettably the Beverley aircraft were replaced.Similer to 103 and 110 Sqns.

On the left is a Whirlwind helicopter similar to those of 103 and 110 Sqns which airlifted troops during the Borneo campaign.

At about the same time as 19 Signal Regiment disbanded in 1971/1972 RAF Seletar was handed over to the Republic of Singapore Air Force.