RAF Gan Island

With the fall of the British Empire after WW2, RAF Gan was used as a staging post between its bases in the Middle East and Far East and so Royal Air Force Station Gan became established as a stopover on the reinforcement route to the Far East Air Force based in Singapore and beyond

Gan Island Troop 19 Signal Regiment 2 Royal Signals Museum19 Signal Regiment maintained a troop on RAF Gan. Like the other airfield Signal Troops, the regiment personnel were responsible for all airfield ground communication, telephones and the associated exchanges and all the underground and overground cabling associated with communications.

The station itselfwas extensively used as a staging post by bombers, fighters and transports on their way to Singapore and other destinations in east Asia during the late 1950s and the 1960s. However, by the end of the sixties, the United Kingdom was withdrawing from its commitments east of the Suez andby  the end of 1971 the RAF Far East Air Force was disbanded and the reason for the use of Gan was gone. Traffic was now much less frequent but the base still remained open for a few more years. The airfield ceased to be an RAF base in 1975.