changiBadgeRAF Changi was the headquarters of 19 Signal Regiment, administering the needs of the Regiment as far afield as Gan, Malaysia, throughout Singapore and, for a time Hong Kong. In addition 1 Squadron Headquarters and Changi Troop were based at RAF Changi.

Originally Changi was completed as a British artillery camp but, with the fall of Singapore during the second world war, it became infamous for the nearby Changi Prison which housed thousands of allied prisoners of war; many of whom endured terrible suffering.

The airfield was constructed using the forced labour of many of those allied Prisoners of War. The prisoners built two landing strips during the war at ninety degrees to each other. After the war, the airfield was taken over by the RAF became Royal Air Force station Changi. The two previously paved runways were now improved to permanent hardstanding, this time by imprisoned Japanese troops. They reinforced the two runways to take larger military aircraft. Additionally part of the RAF set up was the radio receiver station at Chia Keng while nearby RAF Hospital Changi operated as the primary British military hospital in the region.